14 Movies to Watch on The 14th

Valentine’s Day is filled with love, chocolates, and roses, but honestly, I prefer my Valentines day to be filled with self-love, movies, and booze. This may seem boring to you but why would I want to be surrounded by couples who are eating each other with every make-out session? Exactly. I decided I would bring you all my 14 favorite movies that may be rom-com, some are women empowerment-themed, but they are all equally great.

For a Good Time, Call…

This by far, is my ultimate favorite movie! It’s about two enemies who wind up living together and bond over something unexpectedly: PHONE SEX OPERATORS. This movie is all about friendship and the storyline is quirky in a way that I’m sure my fellow Borrachxs would enjoy!

Pretty Woman

I had to put this movie on the list! It’s a classic and we all love it! Love, sex and money… Why wouldn’t you love it?

Phat Girlz

This movie a diamond in the rough, not many people know about it. It’s honestly one of my favorite movies that I forget about but instantly fall in love with once I watch it again. Without giving too much detail, it’s about two thicc women who are trying to find love when men only want thin women. What’s new, right? Well, it takes a turn for the best, when a hot dude falls in love with this thicc chick and he shows her how to love herself as well. Honestly, a gem.

Cry Baby

I’m still on this old school high. You all know how much I love Cry Baby. It’s about a bad boy who falls in love with a “square” aka good girl. Young Johnny Depp is definitely a big factor as to why I love watching this movie.

I Feel Pretty

I had to include this beauty. Lipstick and Vodka is all about self-love and confidence and I love how Amy Schummer hits on this topic. Spoiler alert: Amy Schummer realizes that the whole time she was in love with herself and that is a beautiful message.

Legally Blonde

This is the ORIGINAL girl boss movie! Elle Woods faces struggles and overcomes them by showing everyone how intelligent she really is. It proves that we, women, are capable of anything we set our minds to! Love this!

The Princess Diaries

Becoming a princess, getting back at all the people who doubted you and finding who you truly are? How could you not want to watch this movie on Valentine’s day!?

To All the Boys, I’ve Loved Before

I can’t even say this title without saying “awww,” this is one of my modern-day fave movies. It’s cheesy and you totally knew they were going to fall in love but how can you not love Lara Jean and her quirky character?

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

Although this is technically a show and it is about divorce, I loved it because it’s not all crying and eating-pints-of-ice-cream-sad. It’s about a woman who is going through a divorce but finds out who she is through writing articles of she’s currently going through. This helped me when I was going through a breakup, so I highly recommend!


My best friend and I always quote this movie! It is so funny and heartwarming. I love that this movie is also about friendships, although, most of the time she’s jealous about her friend possibly having another BFF. In the end, they realize they love each other and move past it.

How to Get Over a Breakup / Soltera Codiciada

Breakup station over here! It may seem sad but I swear all these movies have a good ending. They all end up with their fairytale ending, finding themselves or with their dream career! This movie is quirky and fun and exactly how I feel inside when I try to hit on men and be single.

Nappily Ever After

I had to include this because, although I may not relate exactly to the hair thing like the main character, I do understand what it’s like trying to fit into society’s idea of what beauty is instead of loving my natural beauty. This has such a good storyline and I know my Borrachxs would love it.


This was my favorite movie of all time when I was in high school. The musical aspect was so fun and Zac Efron stole my heart even more in this movie!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Am I the only one who watches Breakfast at Tiffany’s and feels sophisticated AF? This movie is such a light, no fuss, no big drama kind of movie. Just something to relax and watch. That’s why I love this movie

These are some of my favorite movies and yes, I know they’re not Valentine’s day theme because honestly, I think Vday is a little dumb. If I wanted to show my affection for someone, this day doesn’t do anything but put pressure on me and my S.O. (and also, I’m single..) Nonetheless, these movies have helped me overcome obstacles, share some special moments with my friends or have just made me feel happy and I hope they do the same for you.

What movie do you recommend for the 14th?


– Adios Borrachxs!?

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