2 years and counting…

2 years ago I began this journey not really sure what I was doing. A friend of mine encouraged me to create a blog because I loved telling people about my experiences with different products and I loved helping people. 2 years ago I was a 20-year-old who was recently single and wanted to focus on herself and 2 years later I’m 22 years old and living life to the fullest (well as much as my bank account allows me to).
I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported me along the way and anyone in the future who starts reading this. I might not have 100 thousand followers on this blog but the followers that I do have, have supported me through the ups and the downs. I owe it all to y’all!

Becoming the brand ambassador for GiBoss Classic Style is all because I created this platform for you all and in return, you all supported each move I made and I could not thank you enough for that.
So what’s next for Lipstick and Vodka in year 3?
Beer Roulette: 
This will be a series where an anonymous writer will be welcomed onto Lipstick and Vodka and write reviews and tips about her favorite beer that she has tried (and of course our writer is a female because we’re all about women empowerment!).
Borracha Barbie:
Borracha Barbie will expand her interest from just her drunk encounters with the opposite sex to going on a journey to try signature cocktails from the places she visits.
Updated Content:
I will be graduating in May (if all goes right), and I hope to have weekly or biweekly content for my followers. I will also be revamping our platform to make it easy for you all.
Cheers to a new year, not only to 2017 but for year 3 of Lipstick and Vodka!
Adios Borrachas!

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