3 Rules to Sexting

Call me old fashioned but I love me a good nude and dirty texts. I used to be that person in high schools who’s love life was non-existent yet I was trying to teach my friends how to send dirty messages to the guys they were talking to (it’s the writer in me.) As I got older the art of sexy photos was engraved in my mind and I honestly can say I take some bomb ass nudes!

I had a friend recently show her sexy pictures to me and I immediately thought “she broke rule number one!” which gave me the idea to give you a general guide to sending nudes. So, what are the rules you ask? Here you are:


I might be very old school in this rule but it is RULE NUMBER ONE always! Don’t show your face! I understand that you probably trust him but I believe that you don’t know what people are truly capable of until they’re angry. Revenge porn is a thing and I really don’t want to be a part of it.


Angles are everything when it comes to sexy pictures. You want to showcase your best features in the best way possible. You don’t just want a straight shot of cleavage when you can take it up from the top and make it interesting *also make them look a little plumper*


These types of pics are meant to be enjoyed and not only by the person who is receiving them. Get in lingerie if you want to, pout or bite your lips if you want to. Have fun with these pics!!

I’m sure these are all things we knew but I wanted to remind you all to have fun and embrace your sexuality! If sexting is your thing have fun with it!

Adios, Borrachxs!?

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