5 ways to keep your flawless makeup on all day!

Hello Gorgeous! 
Well you all voted and as promised I am here to deliver! You all voted for keeping your make up on ALL DAY!  So here are some tips!

1. CLEAN FACE: Okay to even begin to have your make up flawless, you must make sure it is perfect. Make sure you have washed off that dirt and left over make up from the previous night 😉 You should also exfoliate once a week or so to make sure you have taken care of that dead skin and you have your new baby skin on 🙂 

2. PRIMERS! : Primers are the official step of keeping your makeup on all day. They create a smooth surface and act as a glue for your foundation. I know I talk about Baby Skin a lot, but I am not 100% on board with it. I am still in search of my drug store favorite primer, but something that is non-drug store is Benefit Porefessionals! That primer is to die for! 
Primers for to apply all around your face is not the only thing I will say you need. Some people do not understand the necessity of using an eye primer! If you want your eye shadow or eyeliner on all day, primers are your best bet! They will also decrease the oils on your lids and bring out the true colors of your eye shadows! If you do not want to spend tons of money on a primer like Urban Decay or MAC paint pot, you can try one from E.L.F. I believe it is $1. Test it out and see the difference for yourself. 😉

3. SET YOUR LIQUIDS!: After every liquid or cream I put on my face I add a powder over it, this is to prevent it from creasing and melting off through out the day. I even set my concealer, this is why I use that HD powder from E.L.F. You will see a major difference, especially when you’re wondering why your foundation is not lasting or when it creases. 

4. SETTING SPRAY: Setting sprays are optional, and half the time I do not use one, but that is because most days I am going to school for 6 hours and coming straight back home, so I don’t find it necessary to apply it every day. I use MAC Fix+ as a setting spray, I also know E.L.F. has one; a lot of cosmetic lines carry one, pick yours and you’ll be fine!

5. TOUCH UP: Okay you might think well I clicked this so I wouldn’t touch up, I know I know, but when all else fails, you’ll be prepared. & I mean you’re going to eat, so that make up will wipe off around your mouth. You’ll sweat or get oily through out the day, and what do we do when that happens? T O U C H   U P! My make up doesn’t really carry much, all I carry is a translucent pressed powder so I can matte my face when I become too shiny, I carry my lipstick of the day, blush, and a mirror. THAT’S IT. 

So ladies there you have it! 5 ways to keep your make up on all day! If you have question or need me to elaborate more go ahead and let me know! comment below, or tweet me! Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with what is going on, on Lipstick & Vodka!

xoxo, K 

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