A Cocktail Subscription Box YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR

As I sit here drinking my $8 wine, I think “how did I get here?” I use to have Sunday night drinks with the girls or go out to a bar and play loteria. How did I get to sitting home alone, drinking wine and texting my girlfriends about how we’re all alone? That’s when I realized these things we use to do became routine and there wasn’t a wow factor anymore, so how do we make our hangouts exciting again?

Then I remembered about Cocktails by Spence Club a cocktail subscription box devoted to making cocktails at home! This subscription box supplies you with all the tools you need to learn how to create new cocktails just like your favorite bartender *shout out to Buddy!* This is the thing that turns those routine-like nights into a fun night in. I swear carne asadas and girls night in will never be the same.

I signed up for the first month that Cocktails by Spence Club was available because what kind of Borrachx doesn’t immediately sign up, right?! Each box is curated for the recipe that is given for that month and the month that I received it, the recipe was for a Sailor’s Handshake.

I love this because you get to experiment with drinks that you probably would have never tried or maybe never even heard of, like me and a Sailor’s Handshake. My box was filled with a shaking tin, a jigger, limes, a mango syrup specially made by Cocktails by Spence Club for each box and a lemon squeezer. Y’all don’t know how excited I was to play bartender for the night.


If you go out and buy the liquor that is required before actually attempting to create your cocktail (which I may have forgotten to do before my first attempt ?) it shouldn’t take you any longer than 60 seconds. If you’re like me and had to take a detour mid cocktail making, then prep time may vary.


I awkwardly made the cocktail but it was pretty simple and fun to be completely honest (see here). All the instructions and tools were right there in front of me, except my glass because I didn’t go out and buy the proper glass. Other than that I had everything set up. I had some difficulty with the limes but that was because I didn’t know you could cut limes into fours ? It was such a foreign experience creating my own cocktail but it was so fun because I was learning while also making something I really enjoy: DRINKSSSS!


The answer is a simple hell yes! As awkward as I might have been on video creating this drink, it was such a fun experience. How often do you get to play bartender? Plus, if you’re a cocktail connoisseur you definitely want this subscription box in your life! You get to impress all your friends with your knowledge of cocktails!


Price varies on how often you would want to receive your box. You have the option of paying for your box on a month to month basis or prepaying it every 3, 6 or 12 months.

Use code LAV15 for 15% off your order

I can’t wait to see you Borrachxs creating cocktails with your Cocktails by Spence Club subscription box! What cocktail would you like to learn how to make?


-Adios Borrachxs ?



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