Lipstick That Won’t Budge

Back in the day, I brought you all drunk proof lippies that never seemed to fail me during my blacked out nights because how can I be Lipstick and Vodka without a bomb ass lipstick? That was about 2 years ago and I have possibly found the best of the best when it comes to long wearing lipsticks.

I love lipsticks but I’m also a lazy bitch so reapplications are rare. When someone mentions long-wearing lipsticks I’m the first one in line ready to try them out. When I heard of LipSense I was a little skeptical because how can a lipstick last 4-18 hours (yes that’s the range they promote.) I tested it anyways! Thanks to Jordan from Imani Imani Boutique, who helped me get my hands on one!


I’m going to tell you now that the application process is a little more tedious than I’d prefer but I figured a longer application process can’t be so bad if it’ll last all day, right? I thought my regular lipstick application was a process, so sometimes I’d forget to apply but this baby is a two-step process… God save me ?

LipSense in T.E.A.M. Wicked

APPLY THREE LAYERS: You must apply three layers, on both your bottom and top lip, in one continuous motion. This is a little tricky because you can’t go back and forth with the color like a regular lipstick, this will erase the color and leave it patchy. Make sure your lips are parted throughout this whole process because it’s sticky so it can ruin the color if you smack them together.

NOTE: The color will sting just FYI! I freaked tf out when I first applied it because I thought I was getting an immediate allergic reaction but it’s just the alcohol in the color ??‍♀️

APPLY GLOSS: After you’ve applied your three layers, you can then go in with your gloss to seal in the color. Luckily this step doesn’t require a special way to apply you just have to make sure you wait for the color to dry.

I personally hate the gloss part of it because I love me some matte lipsticks. Eventually, the gloss will fade and you’ll have a semi-matte lipstick–if you don’t reapply gloss– which you should apply before major events in your life. You know, eating, drinking, making out. You know, the usual.


Comparing to liquid lipsticks from Sephora and the prices of the LipSense, you’ll notice that they’re roughly about the same JUST FOR THE COLOR. This doesn’t include the gloss or the Oops remover! If you buy the gloss, a color, and the Oops remover, you’ll spend about ~$55. It’s not so bad when you compare it to foundation prices and highlighters. It really depends on how you think about it and how important lipstick is to you. For me, lipstick is everything to me so bring them on!


In the end, I think the price point is worth it because the lipstick is long wearing and they have a good amount of variety in their colors. Of course, the application process is a little more work than I’d prefer but it’ll pay off in the long run.

I’ve tried many lipsticks and a majority of them must be long-wearing, so liquid lipsticks are my go to. This lipstick might have changed the game for me. Even though the application is a little more time consuming it’s worth it throughout the day because I don’t have to carry my lipstick with me anymore.

What’s your favorite long-wearing lipstick?


-Adios Borrachxs! ?

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