About Me

Welcome to Lipstick and Vodka!

I’m Karla, a 24-year-old woman who loves adventure and exploring her wild side. I started this blog to find my inner beauty but along that road, I found my confidence and my true self. Lipstick and Vodka isn’t just a beauty or fashion blog but it’s a blog that allows you to step inside my life and see the realness that comes from knowing me.

In having Lipstick and Vodka, I have found my love for life, fashion, beauty, men and a cocktail or two! When I started Lipstick and Vodka, I was a 19-year old trying to figure out where I belonged in this crazy world but I found myself not finding a place but realizing “I’m an adventure trapped in a soul.”

I am a feminist who loves when women own their sexuality. I am a plus size woman who embraces all her curves, dimples, and stretch marks. I am a lover of all things liquor.

This is my life written out for you in order to find your voice while I find mine by downing a whole bottle of vodka.

Adios Borrachas!

I hope you enjoy

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