All I Want for Christmas is….

Since world peace, ending world hunger, and putting a stop to global warming isn’t an easy gift to give me by christmas I guess we can go onto my next list, which is a little easier to obtain. I don’t normally have a christmas list just because I hate asking for things. I was built on a mentality that if I want it I have to work for it myself so christmas lists was not a yearly task, but this year I’ve fallen in love with so many items that I’m going to make a list…

 1.  Elisa Rose Gold Pendant Necklace in Rose Drusy

For years I’ve been eyeing this baby and I just never got around to buying it. I love the simplicity of the necklace and it’s something I can totally see myself wearing daily. I also have an obsession with rose gold but I mean who doesn’t?

Price: $65.00
Buy it here:
2. Elise Silver Pendant Necklace in Black 
Mother of Pearl As you can see I love the Elise shape from Kendra Scott but this black pearl is really something else. It looks so elegant and the multicolor effect really showcases the true beauty of the pearl
Price: $60.00
Buy it here:
3. Tessa Rose Gold Stud Earrings in Rose Drusy

You can’t have the necklace and not make it a set, amirite? Well this wouldn’t make a full set since it is not the same shape as the Elise Rose Gold Pendant but these are beautiful. I love the elegance of these pieces and the versatility that they offer. I know I could wear them with a beautiful cocktail dress but also pair them with jeans and a t-shirt.
Price: $65.00
Buy it here:
4. GiBoss Classic Style Bohemian Tunic
I fell in love with this tunic the moment I put it on. I don’t think I have a flowy bohemian vibe when I dress, my style is actually a little more rebellious and rocker chic, but you can totally pair this with some torn up shorts and combat boots and bam! made it to my liking.

Buy It Here: Fashn.Haus  217 N. 10th Street McAllen, Tx.


5. Giftcard for Winc
Did you really think Lipstick and Vodka would have a Christmas list without any kind of alcoholic beverage? Who would I be if I did that?! As of late, wine has been my drug of choice (I’m drinking wine as I write this), but I never know what to order other than my normal Roscato and Moscato #Basic . So I think a gift card to winc would be fitting!


Price: Min. $60
Buy it here:
6. Sephora Giftcard
Honestly, Sephora is my ultimate addiction. If I go in with one item in mind, I’ll leave with that item plus five more… It’s really bad. I’m a VIB Beauty Insider and close to becoming a VIB Rouge member. (Someone help!).
Price: Your Choice
Buy it here: or go into any Sephora store


Although these items are beautiful and I’d love to receive (or eventually buy for myself), the holidays are meant for family and that’ s my favorite thing. I’ve spent holidays without my family and I don’t plan to do that again.
so what’s on your Christmas list?
xoxo, K

3 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is….

  1. Great post. Slightly offtopic, I am in the midst of getting my girlfriend a steamy present and I am thinking along the lines of lingerie. I am currently looking at Peaches and Screams ( and was wondering whether anyone has any experience with this online lingerie shop? What would you guys recommend I get my girlfriend? The last thing I want to do is offend her so I am looking for sensible lingerie suggestions – nothing too extreme. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks for the comment. In response to your question, I’ve never had any experience with Peaches and Screams but I’ve dealt with lingerie before. The first piece of advice I’d like to recommend is that you probably can never go wrong with a babydoll set. I saw some on the site that may be a little too ‘out there’ so maybe the ones that are silkier and are a little more covered up may be your safest bet if you’re still testing the waters.
      When I started I was a little intimidated so I know those maybe on the beginner’s side of the lingerie spectrum.

      I hope that helped! Thanks again for your comment

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