Beach Day Prep

Living close to the beach I always think I have everything I need, but at the end of the day I miss a few things. I’ve made a small list of items people tend to forget. Of course it’s not rocket science, but I hope this will help someone out there who continues to forget something on their trip to the beach. 

  1. Bathing Suit: Okay no one really forgets this, but what about that time you’re actually going on a road trip and you forgot to pack the main item.
  2. Tanning Oil/ Sunscreen: This seems obvious but a lot of people tend to forget this and end up being burnt the rest of the week. Please don’t forget this!!
  3. Leave- In conditioner: Your hair will be crazy after wards. Your hair will be knotted up like never before; Prevent this by applying some before getting in the water and also after  to soften hair and help you with those tangles.
  4. Comb: No one wants to be walking around with a birds nest on their head just do a quick brush and you’ll be all set.
  5. Flip Flops: This seems like a no brainer but since I do live so close I tend to leave my house in cute sandals. By the end of the trip I have ruined them by having them soaked in salt water, so prepare wisely, and always take cheap flip flops.
  6. Towels: I don’t understand how 80% of the time I forget this, but this doesn’t always seem to make it to my list. Don’t forget this people! You will be soaking and cold! 
  7. Undergarments: No one really seems to think about this where I live since it’s not a very far drive but sometimes you stay longer than anticipated and you don’t want to be walking around in cold wet clothes. 
  8. Extra clothes: Same as the undergarments, you sometimes don’t think you will stay so long, but always pack just in case. At the most I will pack an extra top only because I usually leave my house in some cute shorts and after I will replace my bathing suit top with an actual shirt. 
Okay I know this isn’t new to a lot of people but sometimes you don’t realize you are missing some of these items. If you don’t take all of these items, let me know what you do pack for a day at the beach. 
xoxo, K

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