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I’ve been loving BECCA Cosmetics as of late and definitely been into that ‘summer glow’ so it was only right to purchase something of the Champagne Collection since there is so much shimmer involved.
I went ahead and purchased the Champagne Face Palette when it was released on on May 26. 
I got a lot of feedback that y’all want to know how I feel about this palette so here it is.
If you decide you want to purchase this palette just know it is currently out of stock on the Sephora website but it will be released in ALL sephora stores (Including Sephora in JcPenney)  on June 16.

Before we even begin let’s just all agree this packaging is so luxurious. Any time gold is involved it always makes you feel so fancy. 

The font of the packaging just has BECCA and Jaclyn’s name on it with these cute little dots around it. In a recent video Jaclyn says that it was inspired by confetti on new year’s eve but it reminded me of when you pop champagne on new year’s eve and all the champagne is spilling out, which was what really caught my eye (the alcoholic in me is coming out hehe). 
The back of the package has a photo of Jaclyn with a little something she wrote right next to the photo. The packaging also has her signature which is so cute. On the bottom left hand corner, there is a layout of the palette. The content of the packaging is very standard but the way it was executed is beautiful.  Let’s move onto the actual palette.
When you remove the palette from the packaging you will see that there is a sample of BECCA Backlight Priming Filter. Jaclyn wanted to include this as a thank you and also because it is one of her favorite primers. 
Again the confetti detail is on the actual palette with BECCA and Jaclyn’s name.  The back of the palette also has the layout of the palette on the back.
This palette is a bit bulky, more than I am use to because most palettes try to be thin and portable but this isn’t a problem for me. Whenever I carry it I feel like I am holding a small clutch which brings me back to that ‘popping champagne on new year’s eve’ feeling. 
When you open up the palette, again you are presented with the confetti detail and the names of the products. At first when I was looking at all the details of the product I kept thinking “this is an awful lot of product layouts” but as I opened up the palette you may notice the products are very similar in color.
By that I mean they are all within the same color scheme which Jaclyn mentioned she did that because it was being brought out for summer so she wanted something you can wear during the summer. 
You will notice that huuuuuge mirror that comes with this palette… I mean there are no words for how amazing that is. It is everything you could ask for! Need I say more?
So I’m going to go on and tell you about each product individually. 
I’m going to begin from the top left. 
This is Rosé Spritz which is a gorgeous coral color with some shimmer. This is a beautiful color and as of late I’m loving the whole shimmer blush on myself so this did not disappoint. It is very pigmented, I literally dab my brush in ONCE and that is it. 
Jaclyn described this as a blush overlay I’m assuming because you can apply this a top a blush and it would compliment most blushes.
Amaretto is a mix between a blush and a bronzer, which Jaclyn calls a Bronzer Blush. This would be the perfect matte blush to compliment ANY look you are doing. 
As I mentioned above I’ve been loving the very shimmery blushes at the moment so I have yet to reach for this blush to apply on myself, but I can tell the color will compliment my skintone very well. 
Pamplemousse is quite similar to Rosé Spritz minus the shimmer and it is a little darker. You would think I would be disappointed with having two similar shades but I’m not. Pamplemousse is truly my favorite out of this whole palette. 
It is very pigmented so again I only dab my brush in once to apply on myself but I found that this blush has a very nice sheen to it. It is satin so it still adds a little sheen to my cheeks without overdoing it. 
Here are all the blushes next to each other so you can compare.
Top to bottom: Pamplemousse, Amaretto, Rosé Spritz
This highlight is the highlight that started is all. I unfortunately do not own the original Champagne Pop so I cannot compare quality to a permanent line Champagne Pop to a limited edition Champagne Pop, I apologize. 
I do, though, own BECCA highlight in Opal so I’m going to compare it to that. Champagne Pop glided on my face so beautifully, much like my Opal highlight which makes me believe that they didn’t smack these items together but rather took their time with this product, and I just want to say Thank You!
Champagne Pop when viewed in the package looks like a light rose gold color which is beautiful. Above you can see that when swatched it appears to be more on the gold side.
Here we have Prosecco Pop which Jaclyn described as a true gold. I love this gold highlight it is definitely a true gold color. Again this glides on beautifully and I can just imagine myself going to the beach with this highlight on. I’m in love! 
I mentioned that Champagne Pop swatched more on the gold side but Prosecco Pop is described to a true gold… So I had to swatch side by side to see how similar they are.
Top to bottom: Prosecco Pop, Champagne Pop
You can clearly see that Prosecco Pop is more gold but Champagne Pop is still quite similar… 
I’m not sure how to feel, maybe Jaclyn could have created a whole new highlight a little more distinguishable from Prosecco Pop. 
Other than that, these highlights are gorgeous!
I thought I’d include what all these colors look like next to each on my skin tone.
*Keep in mind I am more of a light-medium skin tone.
 I know Jaclyn created these colors in hopes that they would compliment each skin tone. 
From fairest of fair to darkest dark and I think these colors could possibly work on all skin tones. I mentioned before they are highly pigmented which will allow you to build it even more if you need more color and if not that one dab is perfect. 
Overall I’m in love with this palette. The formulation in all of the colors is perfect, it is so buttery, they have tons of pigmentation and I’m in love with the shimmer/glow of each product. Again I wish she had created 2 new highlights instead of just 1 but for someone who doesn’t already own Champagne Pop, I’m ain’t mad. 
I want to know how do you feel about this palette/collection? Have you purchased any of the Champagne Collection? Let me know everything down below or talk to me on social media (linked down below)
xoxo, K
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