Borracha Barbie || Can I Have Your Number?

When it’s time to go out I’m quite predictable. I’m not sure if it’s the feeling of “drink until your world turns black” that is not so appealing to me or I feel I’m a little more mature than that. Whatever the case may be I always stick 2 local places. They’re not the typical club scene a 21 year old is usually at but it’s more of a country bar where each day the music is different (but it’s usually country music). 
I’ve become a regular to the point where the bouncer just smiles and lets me in and the bartenders have gotten to know me by name…
Speaking of bartenders… 

It was a few months after the whole Aaron* Scenario and I went to my usual place. This time around it was just my sister Monica, her fiance Carlos, and me, the third wheel. I joke about this quite often but I’m basically apart of their relationship. This day my sister and I were bonding and she was retelling her single life stories while Carlos played pool and the DJ played all sorts of music in the background. After finishing our first drink Monica and I decided to head over to the bar and order ourselves a few shots and a new drink.

I’m a very talkative gal so it was only natural to strike up a conversation with the bartender. He was cute but different than what I usually go for.
His hair was long on the top but he had it slicked back (you know, the style nowadays), his beard pretty well groomed, a lip piercing that distracted me a little, and tattoos. He had the whole biker look down. He wore a plaid shirt paired with a jean vest that had a distressed feel at the seams, dark jeans and vans to tie it all together. Let’s call him Benny. 
Benny was just like me, very talkative and joked quite often. We asked him for our drinks and Monica and I quickly went back to our seats. After a minute or so Monica looks over to me and asks me, “Why don’t you ask him for his number?” obviously referring to the bartender
I almost spit my drink in her face. “Are you kidding?!”
“No, he was into you.” 
Again I laughed and ignored her comment. She continued to bug me about it and eventually dared me to go and ask him for his number. I’m very competitive and most dares I don’t back down from, so I downed my drink, straightened myself up, and headed over to the bar. I waited until he saw me sitting there and I sweetly asked for another drink. He smiled as he took my order and let me tell you, that smile was cute AF! (I have a thing for smiles). 
When he came back with my pineapple vodka (I know super basic, but I was new to the drinking scene), I asked him basic questions like ‘what’s your name?’ and ‘are you from here?’ After a moment or two I got some courage and asked him for his number like my sister dared me to. Surprisingly he was into it, he chuckled (I assume he was flattered), and gave me his number and asked for mine. We talked for not much longer, just continuing to get to know each other, took a few shots together, and I eventually migrated back to my table. 
After a while the lights turned on and off indicating it was last call for the night. My sister and her fiance were finishing up their drinks while the music played in the background. A corrido came on and Carlos instantly grabbed Monica and began dancing, I sat there, watching, like a good third wheel should do. I, then, see Benny come around the bar area and start heading my way, I’m confused at this point but as he walks up to me he pulls out his hand and asks me to dance. This was a time where I let all my Mexican girls down, I could NOT dance to save my life, eventually causing Benny to give up on me mid-dance. 
I laughed it off because I knew there was no hope for me and he was a little let down of my incapability to dance but he was sweet about it. 
I went home that night embarrassed of how I cannot dance but I promised myself I’d redeem myself one day. This night was not the night..
*names have been changed

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