Borracha Barbie || Forgotten Nights

Happy Sunday y’all! I bet last night was a night to remember huh? I know my Saturday’s can usually end up as nights to remember. I thought after last night I would retell one of my ‘tipsy’ stories.
Last time we spoke I told y’all about Benny* (Haven’t read it? CLICK HERE). The bartender who stole my heart the night that he asked me out to dance to spanish music but I quickly embarrassed myself with my incapability to dance. Well let’s fast forward a few months and let me tell you about real embarrassment.

After I gave Benny my number he never texted me, that is, until a month later. Let’s keep in mind that I had seen him plenty of times after our first encounter. I went almost every thursday to the bar that he worked at and we spent the whole time talking and flirting. I, obviously, thought he was so into me.

I mean how could he not be right? I was practically throwing myself at him. I would ask him out and he would stand me up. I would text him and he wouldn’t text me days on end but the moment I would arrive at the bar the next week I would get a “You look beautiful tonight” text. Pfft.

This was Benny and I’s whole relationship game, the whole time our fling ran, he would ignore my texts but give me his undivided attention to me at the bar. He was completely available, emotionally and physically when we had plans, that was until it came to the day that we had our plans. I lost interest after a while so my replies became short and very rare.

I went to the bar one last Thursday. I went in wearing a shirt that had white and mesh stripes, black tights, black booties, and a plaid shirt wrapped around my waist. The moment I walked in Benny grabbed me and hugged me but it just wasn’t the same.

He had stood me up countless of times and ignored my texts so I went in thinking “don’t show too much interest, get your drink and walk away.” I’m not sure how I ended up staying at the bar and taking a few shots. Maybe it was the fact that I ended up talking to another bartender there who had been eyeing me for sometime now. He gave me a shot and said “I promise I won’t tell Benny.”

This one shot turned into countless shots and a forgotten conversation. The only way I remembered that night was through my friend’s 100 second snapchat story of me constantly saying “The bartender likes me! I like him too!”

I looked at my forgotten night through snapchat, mortified. I avoided my usual spot for a month after that because I was so embarrassed about what happened that night. When I finally returned, a month or so later, I  was ready to face him. I was sure my drunk night had been blended into any other night and no longer stood out.

I went up to the bar ordered my usual drink, a carreta (it’s club soda, lime, salt, and some tequila), my ultimate favorite drink! He knew very well that was my favorite and I was the only customer that knew about it so even if I didn’t ask him for it he knew it was mine. He brought out my drink when I had clearly asked another bartender.

“I’m sorry about last time,” was the first thing that came out of my mouth. I’m the type of person who replays the most embarrassing moments even years after it’s happened. He laughed and told me “It’s fine, I just remember you wanting to make out with me.”

I apologized for my awkward and very forceful approach because that is not who I am. He just kept laughing and telling me that it was totally fine and the only reason he didn’t kiss me was because he didn’t want to take advantage of me (Which I obviously appreciate).

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Karla, your whole life is a mess,’ and let me tell you I completely, 100 percent, agree with you. I always make a fool out of myself, I fall for someone way too quickly, and I get drunk way too often, but at the end of all those mistakes I love where I am at the moment.

On a scale of 1-10 how embarrassed are you for me?
I’ll talk to y’all soon!
 xoxo, K

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