Borracha Barbie || The First Kiss

We weren’t thinking about the consequences we were just thinking about the moment.

If you’re hispanic you know that your group of amigos consists of 90% family or life long friends, and that’s no different here. My usual group consists of my sister Monica*, her fiance Carlos*, his older brother Thomas*,  Thomas’ boyfriend Julian*, my cousin Hugo*, and our friend Pamela*. We rarely have others join in but when they do they’re usually life long friends or family members that don’t usually get days to go out. 

When I first started going out with this group I was a newbie. I hadn’t drank much, never partied too often, and rarely let mi hermana see that. I was finally of age and she was totally cool with me being a part of her night life. She invited me to Carlos’ parent’s house where we would watch a fight and have a few drinks. The fight ended pretty “early”, around 11 pm and we all decided to head over to Hugo’s house and enjoy the rest of the night.  
I’m usually the youngest of the group since everyone is about 23 years old or older, but for the first time Carlos and Thomas’ younger brother Aaron*, who is my age, decided to join us. I hadn’t seen Aaron since I was like 13 because he’s usually off in his own world, but when I finally saw him this time, I couldn’t help but think how good he looked. He had grown out of that awkward 13 year old boy stage, that I had originally met him in, and was super HOT now. 
He looked so good in a fitted black t-shirt that hugged his body in a way that mesmerized me and jeans that complimented him so well. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him as he laughed and talked with his friend. His eyes were even more beautiful than I remembered from 7 years before. Green eyes with a hint of hazel was all I could think about that night. 

With my new found confidence and liquor in my system I decided to march up to where he was sitting and talk to him. I sat my booty next to him and told him that he should go out with us more often because I obviously wanted to see more of him, this was my way of flirting. (I know I’m so slick haha)
His response? 
“Why? You want to dance with me?”
I could feel my face burning since he totally knew my game at this point. I giggled, not knowing how to respond, and I replied as smooth as possible and said 
[Facepalm, I’m not smooth whatsoever]
It worked though… He gripped my thigh, bit his lip and responded
“I want to dance with you too.”

um ok. I died a little inside due to excitement

I thought I was dreaming at this point! How was I supposed to respond. My sister ended up interrupting our conversation and asked me to dance with her. I stood up so quick so no one would notice our gazes. He got up and went to talk to some of the guys as well. 
Once I start to dance you really can’t stop me after that, it’s in my blood. After a song or two, I felt someone grab my hips and pull me close, I turned my head and there was Aaron. I assume he got a few more drinks in before he came to dance since he obviously didn’t care who was watching us. I turned around to face him and he pulled me in even closer, now there was no space between us, and he leaned in for a kiss.
In the middle of a song, in front of everyone we stood there kissing. No one stopped or said anything, he just held me there, kissing me softly. When we finally stopped, we looked at each other, we weren’t thinking about the consequences we were just thinking about the moment. He took me to the side of the house where we continued to kiss each other, away from everyone.
I hadn’t kissed someone in so long that it just felt right and that feeling quickly came to a halt when I heard my sister yell “Karla are you ready to go?” and there she stood watching me with Carlos patiently waiting next to her. I quickly got my tongue out of Aaron’s throat and straightened myself out. We got out of the shadows with some guilt and got into our siblings car with our heads low. 

It was the most awkward and thrilling moment I had ever felt. I knew there would be chisme (gossip) later on that week about what happened at Hugo’s house, but for the rest of the night I wasn’t thinking about that, I could only think about how Aaron’s lips felt up against mine…

* indicate that names have been changed

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