Borracha Barbie || We Meet Again

It had been four days since I last saw Aaron*. We hadn’t spoken since our small makeout session after watching the fight.  

I got dressed for the my usual karaoke night. I applied my makeup, I curled my hair and tried to find my cutest outfit. My sister had informed me that Aaron* was going to accompany us, for karaoke night, for the first time. It had been his birthday the day before and he wanted to celebrate. I tried harder than usual to look cute, I wanted to remind him why he kissed me the other night.

It was 10 PM and time to head out. I got into my sister, Monica’s, car and headed to her fiance’s house. I was nervous to see Aaron’s car there or even worse, if he came in the car with us. When we got there I was surprised to find his car missing. I continued to act like I was not expecting to Aaron. My sister’s fiance, Carlos*, got into the car and we began to drive to the bar.

Once there, our usual crowd had already begun the night with a few beers outside on the patio. I went into the bar and ordered my usual margarita. When I came back outside there stood Aaron talking and laughing with his brothers. I quickly greeted him, a slight hug and a kiss on the cheek, and went back into my corner. The night continued and Aaron and I didn’t talk too much; we were both a little embarrassed about what had happened the other night.

It was about midnight now and everyone was running low on drinks; everyone headed into the bar and left Aaron and I outside in the patio, alone.
We sat there in an awkward silence for, what seemed like forever. Finally I spoke, “I’m buying you a round for your birthday!” (total feminist move ~flips hair~)

He laughed and jokingly said“Why? So you can take advantage of me like last time?”

Totally embarrassed I replied “Oh, so you do remember?” 
I said this because he had told my sister he didn’t remember anything from the other night. 

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” He was confused. He didn’t know how close Monica and I really were.

I explained to him what Monica had told me and he justified it by saying “Well that’s your sister, it’s weird. I’m not going to tell her what we did” 
Which I totally understand. I would totally have beat around the bush if Carlos asked me about details.

The group came back to the patio. Aaron and I tried to act normal and joined in on their conversation. After everyone downed their drinks we decided to head out to another bar in town.
This local bar was usually dead on Tuesday’s. We went anyway, we weren’t planning on a crazy night anyway.
Once there we headed straight to the bar to order our drinks. Music filled the room but there wasn’t a huge crowd, so the bartender took our order pretty quickly. Aaron was standing next to me occasionally laughing with me and putting his hand on my lower back. I didn’t know what to make of it. Mid-drink I decided to buy Aaron a round of tequila shots, like I had promised. He laughed at the gesture and hugged me tightly. He asked me to take the shots with him.

After taking them we continued talking. We spoke about school, about what we wanted to do with our lives after graduating, and what we wanted out of this new year. As our conversation continued our bodies seemed to be gravitating towards each other. By the time I knew it I could feel his body against mine and as I looked up, I felt his lips on mine.

His hands on my lower back slowly moved upwards, slowly towards my face. His hands then cupped my cheeks and continued to kiss me. I can’t recall how long we were there for, I just know we stood there, kissing each other.

When we came up for air we stared at each other, not knowing what came over us. We stopped for the rest of the time at the bar.

It was finally closing time and the group decided they wanted to get some food before going home. We decided to go to a taqueria that’s open 24/7. I went in Aaron’s car and the whole ride to the taqueria we were listening to music and laughing, it was straight out of a movie. He gripped my thigh and bit his lip every time I spoke. He’d kiss me at stop lights. It was just a nice night with him and the time at the taqueria he was no different. He’d bring my food to me, steal kisses when no one was looking and held my hand while we walked out.
That night made me fall for him.

*names have been changed

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