Borrachx Night Out Recap!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’d know that I recently hosted my first Borrachx Night Out at Austin Street Bar in Mcallen, TX. It was a night filled with karaoke, drink specials, lots of ’80s and ’90’s hits and dancing! It truly was a night to remember!

I was a little nervous the hours leading up to the event. I kept thinking “Why would someone take time out of their lives to come and hang out with me?” I felt so insecure. 15 minutes before 9 I was notified some of my guests had arrived, I was dumbfounded! They arrived and they got here early?! Wow! I went and greeted these women, 5 women, arrived 15 minutes before the event began

The music was rolling. Some old school alternative music filled the bar until more people showed up. Lauren, the first few people who arrived and I were all dancing and jumping to these alternative jams.  30 minutes in and I was already having fun. It was what set the tone for the rest of the night.

Lauren was the first brave soul to sing her heart out in the first round of karaoke, which made everyone that much more excited to join in on the festivities. By 10 there were about 20 people who were there for Borrachx Night Out and made the whole thing that much more fun. 

Everyone was having so much fun singing and dancing to these nostalgic hits and enjoying Karla’s Kocktail, a special drink I had made on a previous Wasted Wednesday episode. I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd.  



Hell N’ Heels also attended the event. They had a flash-mob-style choreographed dance to Taki Taki by Ozuna and it was awesome! They were all dressed in red and black, grabbed a couple of women to start the dancing, then took over the stage by dancing center stage for everyone to see!

My sister and I sang to The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson and let me tell you, it was a hit! We didn’t miss a beat, I danced around her while she sang each word. Such a memorable moment! 

The first Borrachx Night Out was a success and I hope to have one again soon. For those of you who missed it this month, be on the lookout for the next Borrachx Night Out (BNO) and make plans to attend!  

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