Cheat Weekend Comeback

Mostly everyone cheats…. on our “diets” of course haha. When we are transitioning our bodies from eating fatty foods to all natural foods, a slip up is unavoidable. 
Those days end & our weekly progress is unseen all due to all that food still being held in your body, so what do we do now? What I’ve found that works for me is DETOX WATER.

A lot of people won’t know what that is, much like me before I tried it. Detox water is a water that has been infused with fruits over night so you can get vitamins and boost up your metabolism. You won’t believe me until you try it out, trust me!

My key ingredient to all my waters is LIMES!
 Limes do wonders when they are in your water.
My favorite combo is strawberry and limes, this is because it tastes much like lemonade but just with a tad bit more lemon, well in our case lime.

Today’s Detox Water I will only add 2 ingredients. I used a whole apple and mini limes, because I didn’t have big ones. I cut up the apple and limes into thin pieces. 
After  I did that, I put them into my water bottle in layers; First the limes and then apples, because I believe if the limes are at the bottom, the apples will help squeeze the juice out (THIS IS JUST A THEORY haha)
Now all you have to do is fill it up with water, close it up and pop it in the fridge. The minimum time you should leave it in the fridge for is an hour, but I usually leave it over night and drink it before breakfast.
*Please be aware that this will help to speed up your metabolism, and if this is your first time drinking it, get ready to be heading to the bathroom….A L O T. 

I know this was quite brief babes, but I really hope you enjoy it! 
This is what I usually drink after a weekend of bad eating. 
How do you get yourself  back on track after a horrible cheating weekend?
xoxo, k 

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