Cocktail Inspired Look Book: Strawberry Daiquiri

When I think of fashion I instantly think of Julie. She is literally a beautiful soul dressed in gorgeous fashion ?‍♂️ and here I am, a sinner drunk on vodka ? but Julie and I collabed anyway and brought a boozy outfit for my borrachxs!

Everyone knows that summer never ends in Texas so these outfits are appropriate year round (sorry for the rest of the world.) Now let me tell you how to get these cute ‘fits?


This red one piece totally screams strawberry daiquiri (and it was my only red piece of clothing I had.) It has ruching/ a braid down the center which I think shows all my curves and adds more depth to the swimsuit.  I got this baby at Ross so finding this exact piece was very difficult but I found something similar just for you babes ❤️


I was totally feeling myself and the least amount of clothes I have on, the more fun we have ? I paired my swimsuit with white shorts to let that summer breeze in. I usually stay away from shorts because they’re either too revealing and showcase all my cellulite or don’t show enough leg. These bright white shorts from Old Navy totally showed enough leg and the perfect amount of cellulite ?

I’m not big on accessories so I paired it with a simple single crystal bangle and some cute hoop earrings that look like a sun! I have a love/hate relationship with these earrings because one won’t stay so hopefully you have better luck with something similar.



Julie is always serving looks so it’s totally appropriate for her to kill this whole outfit! Can we just admire this girl!? accessorized and drink in hand! Heeeeeey ?

So she went the non-traditional route and went with what a Strawberry Daiquiri reminded her about (BEACH) and didn’t take it literally like me…

She’s killing it in this black cold shoulder sun dress that is totes cute but lets the breeze in! ?


As you can tell, Jules loves her accessories so it’s only right for her to slay in a colorful pom pom necklace and an oversized sun hat!

“Hello Sunshine” is right! Texas Sun will hurt you so be nice and buy a hat.

The black pom poms on the hat totally bring the whole pom pom vibe back to center stage.

Did we even talk about the sunnies she’s strutting around?! I was high key obsessed with them so I tried them on but let’s be honest, she totally rocks them better than I do!



Oh, hey accessories! All the goods Julie and I strutted around during this fun shoot! Peep our strawberry daiquiris for inspo ?


I hope you all enjoyed this cocktail inspired look book. I know Julie and I had tons of fun during the shoot! If you want another cocktail inspired outfit, just let me know what outfit you want to see next!

Adios Borrachxs! ?


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