E.L.F. HAUL!!!

Coming home for Christmas break is the best! Having family over, catching up on hometown things, and best of all! Dad’s money! He began my trip back home by rewarding me for this hard semester with…. DINERO! What did I use it on, you ask?  MAKE UP! I went to the e.l.f. cosmetics (EYES. LIPS. FACE) website and bought a few things I knew I would love! 
First of my list: High Definition Powder. Afew months ago I had bought the translucent one (the one that looks white) and I fell in love with that stuff!! Perfect for setting my concealer, so I thought “Why not?” when I saw these babies. I got the high defintion powder in Corrective Yellow and Shimmer. I tried on the corrective yellow today, and may I say, I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! first off, it did not look yellow on my skin. It blended quite well with my everyday make up. As far as the shimmer, I have not tried it just yet, but I will come back with a full review!   
Next on my list is e.l.f.’s Moisturizing Lipstick in Wine tour, I’ve never tried any of their lipsticks, only  their Matte Lip Colors (we’ll get to them next) But it is a beautiful wine color, but it not as opaque as I had imagined. It is a tad sheer but with a bang of color, if that makes sense. This may not be MY cup of tea, but I will let you all know.
 Speaking of tea, I got elf’s Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose, as well as Nearly Nude. I’ve bought a few of these lip colors and I am always happy with my purchase. The color pay off is amazing and for some one who is in love with lipsticks, like me, but doesn’t want to spend too much on something like, or even if you’re a beginner, this is perfect for you! I included swatches for these because I really needed everyone to see the pigmentation on these!
Next up is a Lip Lock Pencil, I apologize for not having a personal image but this is what it looks like, It is clear, and it is of a wax consistency, but you just apply as a normal lip liner; this is to prevent any feathering/bleed of your lipsticks! I love this because I can use it with any color and it really works! I had it on today and my dark lipstick that tends to bleed, no matter what I do, was in tact ALL DAY LONG! Maybe my new favorite lip liner? We’ll see 😉 
Next on my transparent list is the Makeup Remover Pen. Okay, I am still skeptical of this thing! I mean it’s said to be like a make up wipe in a pen… hmm… INTERESTING. first off the reviews said you can wipe your eyeliner without taking your foundation off, we’ll see about that! 
Eyeliners are my thing! I love me a bold line, add a wing: HEAVEN!!  So when I saw an eyeliner collection, I immediately added it to my cart. It came with 2 liquid eyeliners, one was black and the other transparent glitter (left hand picture)  then it came with 1 brightening eyeliner pencil (right picture, right hand side) this confused me immediately because it said “birghtening” but it’s black… wheeet?? I thought it would be a white pearl like eyeliner to brighten my eyes… How is black going to brighten them? ANWAYS!!! the last one is a waterproof eyeliner pen (right picture, left hand side). I’m intrigued by this eyeliner pen, because anyone who knows me, knows that I love my MAC jet black eyeliner pen. That is my HOLY GRAIL! So let’s see if this can stand up to the test
That’s all for my e.l.f. Haul! I hope you all enjoy. Any suggestions, requests, or just overall view on it leave it in a comment! Love y’all!
xoxo, K

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