Fall Makeup Tutorial || Cranberry Lips

Happy fall yall!  Okay so I thought I’d give you a fall tutorial. Please forgive me since my laptop is still not reading my videos. I might have to get a new one, but I truly love my current laptop. Okay enough about that! Let’s do this!

STEP 1: I’ve already primed my face using MUFE Step 1 primer (mattfying) I’m going to go in with my beauty blender and apply my infallible foundation by L’oreal in Sun Beige all over my face. This is medium – full coverage but you can use whatever you’d like.

STEP 2: now that we have applied the foundation we’ll go in with our concealer. I’m using Maybelline’s FITme concealer in medium. I’m going to apply this where I’d like to highlight, I’ve applied it under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, my chin, and the center of my forehead.

 Once that is done, just blend away! 🙂

STEP 3: next we’re going to set that concealer. I’m using E.L.F. high definition powder in corrective yellow. I know this is scary, but we’re going to let it bake.
*baking is leaving a translucent powder on your skin to help absorb your natural oils and help elongate the staying power of your concealer

STEP 4: While this sets, we’re going to go on with our makeup routine. Here I’m taking a COVERFX matte loose powder in Medium and applying it everywhere I did not apply the yellow powder.

STEP 5: Bronzer time! This is NYC Smooth Skin bronzer in Sunny. I apply this in the hollows of my cheeks, around my forehead, around my chin and the sides of my nose. Keep in mind this is not to contour but just to add some warmth into the face considering it is fall.
*I received this within my influenster voxbox for testing purposes

STEP 5: Prime the eyelids! I’m using MAC pro longwear paint pot in Soft Ochre! An all time fave. I just apply this all over my eyelid to ensure a nice base.


STEP 6: I don’t have a cranberry shade so I will be creating it. I used a pink purple shade from the MORPHE palette ( This is the shade on the bottom right, next to the black shadows on the last row). Apply it in the crease with a small brush then blend it out, here I’m going to use a MAC217 brush to blend it out.

STEP 7: I will do the same with a medium brown. I will be using MAC Saddle. Do the same as we did with the pink/purple color, but go a little above the pink/purple color. Then blend using the same brush.

STEP 8: alright! Almost done here. Let’s take a vintage gold, I will be using MAC shadow in Tempting. I will apply all over the eyelid and do a quick blending with the same MAC217 brush.

STEP 9: Bye bye loose powder! I will be using the same brush that I used with my COVERFX powder to dust off the E.L.F. Corrective yellow powder.

STEP 10: Here I had already curled and applied mascara on my eyelashes, as well as filled in my eye brows. *CLICK HERE FOR EYEBROW TUTORIAL
Then I will go in with a Real Technique Blush Brush and take some Konya Plum blush by Shea Moisture, apply this to your cheek bones.
STEP 11: Last part! I will be taking L.A. Girl Liquid Lipstick in Rebel! This is a great shade for fall.

Thank you for taking your time and reading step by step! I know it’s difficult but I promise I am working on this. Let me know if you’d like more step by step tutorials like this!
If you decide to recreate don’t forget to use the hashtag #LipstickAndVodka
xoxo, K

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