Getting Rid of the Hair… Down THERE

I’m just going to say it. I am a hairy girl. I am a Latina with thick dark brown hair that seems to grow out of every corner and crevice of my body. I’m not ashamed of it! I do, however, know how to maintain all of this Chewbacca-ness going on over here. I thought I had tried every method of hair removal but boy was I wrong!

Waxing has been my hair monitor ever since my sisters started calling me “Cantinflas” but that was way back in the day. I usually only wax my brows and shave everything else but I was finally brave enough to get a bit experimental and I went out and got… wait for it… a BRAZILIAN BIKINI WAX. Yes, you read that right, not just any bikini wax but a Brazilian!  Where your booty gets a little lovin’ too. I just want to let everyone know that it was not an easy task to get myself to book that appointment.  I had so many inner battles with myself and after what seemed years of deliberating I finally decided I’d do it… for the blog, of course. (you’re welcome)

So how did the trip go? GIRL ?? LET ?? ME ?? TELL ?? YOU ??

I walked into European Wax Center with nerves and sweaty palms. I had heard so many horror stories about the pain that is bikini waxing! Imagine all your sensitive lady bits being pulled at by hard wax. That was not something I dreamt about.

I had set my appointment weeks in advance to mentally prepare myself. Once I arrived I had a quick chit chat with the receptionist until my waxer came out to let me know my room was prepared. My waxer was Cass, and she was awesome by the way! You could tell she was such a pro! She started talking to me and not even in a minute in, asked me to drop the undies and show the goodies! I was so shocked at how comfortable she was, but she reassured me that it would be ok and it wasn’t something new to her.

This waxing service literally took around 15 minutes. Yes, it was that fast! I was so impressed because it didn’t hurt as much as I had imagined! After the 15 minutes were up I asked Cass to answer a few questions you all had about waxing (and not just the bikini area)

  1. How should you prepare for a facial wax?

    “Exfoliate! Exfoliating is key. You can use a sugar scrub or oatmeal scrub or a scrub from EWC. Ours has a hair growth inhibitor which helps you grow hair. Exfoliate before and after the wax.”

  2. how long should my hair be for a bikini wax?

    “Your hair must be longer than a grain of rice, which is typically about 3 – 4 weeks of hair growth. “

  3. What can we do to minimize the pain that comes with waxing?

    “You can take ibuprofen to help but I don’t think the pain is something you can’t handle.” (I took Excedrin 30 minutes before my appointment! ?)  Cass also asks you to take deep breaths throughout your appointment before she pulls the wax off which lets you prepare before each pull.

  4. What’s the difference between EWC and other waxing locations?

    “EWC tries to wax effectively and as quickly as possible which prevents our customers from feeling more uncomfortable than they already do.”

  5. Can I come in before my 4 weeks are up?

    “You can, especially if you are shaver and you’re having the urge to grab your razor, you need to come in and get your wax! If you can wait, I would recommend to come in at 4 weeks but never 5 weeks! “

  6. Why waxing over other hair removals?

    “I think waxing is more sanitary. At EWC, we take sanitary precautions by wearing gloves and immediately throwing out the used wax. Unlike threading where their mouth is on the string which may come in contact with your skin.”

  7. What do you recommend for men when getting waxed?

    “If they’re afraid to try waxing, I would recommend getting their nostrils or their eyebrows waxed. It is the least painful and it lets them clean themselves up. “

If you all have more questions about waxing feel free to comment or ask me on social media, I’ll be going to the European Wax Center real soon ?

Don’t forget: you can get you a complimentary wax service for your first appointment! Let them know Karla Leal sent you!

Adios Borrachas! ?

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5 thoughts on “Getting Rid of the Hair… Down THERE

  1. I have been meaning to go get my full bikini wax (not sure if I’m as brave as you are & going full Brazilian), but I keep putting it off because I’ve been going to the beach so much that I’m constantly shaving. I won’t let me hair grow!!! Got my eyebrows done there 3 weeks ago (next appt is on Sat) & it didn’t feel like shit. It was awesome! & Cass really is the bomb.

    1. It really is a different experience! I had to do all or nothing so that’s why I chose the Brazilian. I really recommend it!

      1. Had my Brazilian this afternoon. I was like you. Built it up in my head. And by the end of it, I was thinking well shit…why had I not done this sooner. ? So worth it. And you’re right. Not as bad as it seems in your head.

        1. Woohoo! I went for my second appointment this weekend and I was so comfortable it was weird haha! Who’s this comfortable dropping their undies to a total stranger?! Oh well! lol, Glad, you did it!

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