How To Jingle His Bells

Happy Holidays Borrachxs!

During the holidays, I’m not sure what it is but it seems to bring out our generous spirit, at least it does for me. I’m the person who is selflessly paying for shit I don’t need nor does the person I’m gifting need it. With this generous spirit, I also seem to give my man a few “extras” pero como estoy sola este año I thought I’d give you all my tips and tricks so you can give your man some “extras” ?



LingO Tongue Vibe

This is a technically a tongue ring if you will. It is meant to be placed on your tongue with the band that is attached and the grooved side up.  Once you turn on the vibrating switch you can now go to town on your man’s downtown. It is made of 100% mouth safe silicone material and has about 40 minutes of vibration so he will thank you. This is a disposable product so the toy clean up is easier.

FingO Tip

This looks pretty similar to our Ling O Tongue Vibe but it is meant to be placed on your fingertips. This is water-resistant so it allows you to explore all of the elements. The FingO Tip is latex free and comes in assorted colors if pink just isn’t your style. The way you would use this is by placing it on your finger, lube up his shaft and proceed your generous gifts. It will be a huge surprise to an ordinary hand job.



Screaming O Vooom! Bullet

We ladies know what a bullet is right? It’s a small vibrator that is the perfect size for your clitoris, you can easily slip this in between yourself and your panties to start your day right. But did you know, you can use this on him too? What you can do for his is place the bullet on top of his penis or on his boys to help with stimulation on his penis which is a big thank you for all the hard work he puts in daily 😉

Screaming O Vibrating Ring

This cock ring is a best seller on the Adam and Eve website, so you know it’s great! How you will use this is by placing it on his shaft with the vibe on top and in turn, will please the female while he gets his pumps in. The ribbing on the ring will be an extra kick when it begins to move along his shaft.

BLOW TIP: Have him place the cock ring upside down so the vibrations will be placed on his testicles, this will create stimulation on his boys and give him a happier ending.




Mints are a great way to refresh yourself after some fun but you can always suck on these while you suck on him. Just pops the mints in your mouth let the peppermint take over your mouth and when ready start your usual fun.



These are some fun ways to add some holiday spirit into your life, what’s your favorite way to spice up your sex life?

-Adios Borrachxs!?

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