How to Make Valentines Your Bitch

Ah, valentines, the day that love is in the air and couples are constantly shoving it in our single faces to remind us that we are in fact single. Let me just say I am not a part of the Man Haters Club (that’s not a thing right?) I do love men but geez can we just have a day to talk about self-love? I feel like every holiday is a competition between couples on who knows their significant other better and who got the biggest gift for said SO. The other days in between those holidays are filled with baby announcements, engagement pictures or just puking posts of their love for each other.

I promise though, I do love the idea of love, I am a hardcore romantic. Ask my current ‘boyfriend’ ? (*note the quotation [” “] marks on boyfriend) We also know I love me some men but I will always love me more.

If you’re like me and want to celebrate the love you have for yourself then stick around, let me tell you how you really should celebrate Valentine’s Day.


My favorite way to treat myself is by relaxing. Hot bubble baths are my favorite thing in the world. When I

 have a bubble bath, I bring out all the stops. I’ll fill it, either bring a book or play some music, dim the lights,  pour some essential oils in there and my bath is ready. Alone time is the best time and I promise you won’t regret this.


I know this is Lipstick and Vodka but wine never hurt anybody. The reason wine is my go-to relaxation drink is because one, it won’t make me make bad decisions like tequila and two, it won’t hit me out of nowhere like vodka would. Wine also, from the first sip, relaxes your body. I tend to gravitate towards a sweet, mid-dry wine. Ste. Genevive is my usual when it comes to wine. It’s inexpensive *read cheap* and it comes in a larger quantity so more bang for your buck!


How do you even love yourself without some food?! I think food is a beautiful thing and you should enjoy it especially when you are enjoying yourself. My favorite food is sushi, pizza or Chinese food, so I’d order all three! Kidding. I’d probably order Chinese food because I’d get more variety but I mean it’s completely up to you, just enjoy every bite of it.


If you’re not in the mood to stay in then go out! I like to be alone because I’m with people on the daily. This can be whatever you like to do. Party, dinner for one, movie alone, whatever you want!


If you’re staying in or going out, dress to feel good. I’d most likely be staying in so I’d probably put a lace cheeky, a see-through bra or no bra at all, a t-shirt some socks and go on with my night. I like to be comfortable but sexy at the same time. I’ve noticed lace always makes me feel confident and sexy. If you’re going out, put your freakum dress on slay the night.


Movie binging is a hobby of mine and rom-com honestly take the cake when it comes to these binges. Independent films, cult classics, whatever, if it’s rom-com it’s on my list. If you are still trying to process the fact that you’re doing Valentines Day alone and you don’t think rom-com would rub you the right way, then choose what you like. Second on my list are movies that feature a strong female role or futuristic movies, ugh love those!


while everyone is getting down, you’re getting off! Masturbation is a beautiful thing and I promise this is something you’d want to do that night. Whether you’re going out or staying in, this is a for sure way to start the night off right. You can do this to wrap up your night or you can totally do it multiple times throughout that night. Just get your favorite toy or your hand, lay in bed, watch porn if you have to and go to town!


I’m not saying you need to spend valentines day alone, but make sure to have a night where you celebrate yourself and not just you with someone else. Like I said I love men but I have to remind myself to love myself. So what are your plans this Valentines?


-Adios Borrachxs! ?

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