How To Poop On The Reg

We’re about a month into the new year and honestly, I’ve really been pretty shitty on my “intentional” mentality. The only good thing about 2019 so far is that I’ve been taking my probiotic regularly. I said I would start to intentionally go to the gym, meaning I’d focus on certain muscles and really learn about my body, in order to live a healthier life. Ask me if I’ve done it! I said I’d intentionally eat which would result in me eating healthier options to, again, live a healthier life. The only thing that I can think of that I’ve done with the purpose to better myself is taking a probiotic.  

A lot of people don’t know what a probiotic is, so let me explain to you in the simplest and best way I know how. As I’ve learned, a probiotic is categorized as a good bacterium. It helps with your digestive system aka restroom on the reg and helps with a bloated gut. I was skeptical, as always. I never trust anything until I’ve tried it myself. After various attempts and some actual successes, I am officially a believer in good bacteria and deem it necessary.  

Let’s talk about poop…

Yeah, we’re really doing this. A lot of my friends don’t poop regularly. They pretty much shit once a month, and honestly, that’s not healthy. You should be going once or twice a DAYYYYYY. I’ve never had trouble in this area (all the dudes sliding in my DMs right now, really second thinking about that message now). Once or twice a day is a must in my life, so what’s the reason I take a probiotic? It helps my regular digestive system in the sense that it will always be regular, but it also helps me digest the food even quicker, thus making me go MORE than once a day ~NO SHAME HERE~  

Okay, let’s say you can’t give any less about ? what about a bloated gut? Everyone knows about that baby gut, the lonjita, that everyone (especially women) are trying to constantly get rid of. Maybe you’re thick and have this because of that reason, it’s okay. That’s why I still have my lonjita, but it will help bring down the bloating thus making this lonjita smaller, making it appear as if you’ve lost weight.  YOU’RE WELCOME.

Okay, poop and guts aren’t that exciting right?

What about acne? When I started taking a probiotic, I noticed that my acne and breakouts slowly decreased. You know how people say “it’s gotta come out from somewhere.” Well, that’s the case for bacteria and junk. Your body is trying to get rid of all that junk and bacteria, so if you’re not going to the restroom regularly, it will start to find a different way out. I know this isn’t a pleasant conversation, but it’s something we’re interested in, just too afraid to talk about.

So what about fiber right? Fiber also helps you with going to the restroom, but a probiotic helps with removing the bad bacteria and replacing it with good bacteria. It’s not just a colon cleanser (I really lol’d at this)

So after reading this, and by all means, do some research on your own, how convinced are you? If you’re still skeptical and think I’m just feeding you bullshit, try it for yourself and come back with your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

So what are you currently doing that helps with your digestive system? Let me know in the comments below.


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