How To Successfully Use A Planner

So how many of you buy a planner each year with the intentions of using, only to find it in a corner within 2 month? 
A lot of people ask me how I keep up with my planner and also let me know that they aren’t very successful when trying to keep up with a planner. 
I’ll give you a few of my tips on how I stay up to date with it.
1. I CARRY IT AROUND EVERYWHERE! Really, this is vital! If you don’t have it when plans come up how will you know if you’re free or how will you write it down to remember? I usually get a purse big enough to carry my planner, but there are so many different sizes of planners that you don’t have to do that. There’s even sizes that can practically fit in your pocket!! The only places I don’t carry it is when I go to the gym, other than that my baby is right there with me
2. ALWAYS HAVE A PEN. This is probably the most obvious, but let me tell you how many times I have forgotten my pen! Thankfully my planner comes with a pen strap where I can insert my pen and have it with me at all times! I use to use pens of all colors, but now I’ve stuck to a simple black one. Only because it minimizes the look of clutter. You can color code, that is up to you, I don’t only because I like my things looking unified. Also keep in mind if you decide to color code you will probably have to carry a bag for all your pens! 🙂 
3. CHECK IT MULTIPLE TIMES THROUGHOUT THE DAY! I cannot stress this enough. It can be easier for some people compared to others but work around your schedule! I open my planner before every class begins and before it ends, I also look through it during my lunch time, when I have some down time at home, and before I go to bed. This is MY schedule, yours can be completely different, but I would recommend any time you have some free time just open to see what you have to do. *You can set alarms/reminders throughout the day to get you into the habit of checking
4. CROSS OUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. Another obvious thing, but you don’t know how many times I have freaked out when I’m looking at my planner at the end of the day because I forgot to cross something out. Keep track of what you’ve done. You can check it off your planner as soon as it is done or on your next scheduled planner check. I recently switched from crossing out things off of my agenda to putting checks and X’s , just because it looks clean. 
5. PLAN AHEAD; NIGHTLY & WEEKLY. Okay what I mean by this is every night during your week sit and double check if you’re not missing anything that you must do the following day. As for weekly, every Sunday I open up the upcoming weeks layout and schedule things I already know I must do. That can be things I do every week such as working out or put things I know are coming up but haven’t put up just yet such as exams or study dates.  I do this because I can miss things so checking it and planning every night will prevent me from missing things that I need to get done!
These are just a few ways to get started and how to make it habitual to check your planner regularly! I know it’s not easy, I mean it’s taken me about 7 years to get this organized but not everyone needs to be this organized, I just hate not knowing whats next. 
Please let me know if there is anything I need to clear anything up for you or if you’d like to see more planner related posts!
Love y’all babes!
xoxo, K

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