Infinite Magazine Launch

Magazine launches are fun because they’re full of creative minds all packed into one room and you get to feed off of this energy. Infinite Magazine launch was no different. Mike Sanchez, a talented photographer, set his eyes on sharing his love for beauty through photography and Infinite Magazine is only one of his ways he wishes to show this.

Walking into the location was intimidating. Here was a sea of unfamiliar faces and they all strutted around in their most fashionable outfits and here was I, a potato, dressed in distressed jeans, a black tank, black pumps and a slick back pony (I was channeling Kim K.)

The room was set up in a large U in order to create the runway for the soon to come vintage

fashion show. I walked around awkwardly, trying to find my place in this unfamiliar setting. I’m invited to events but never something this big and rarely do I have to bring my fashion A game.

As we waited, wine and water were being served while DJ Stephanie Gold was playing her mixes in the background (can we say, total babe!?)

After a quick speech by Mike to officially launch the site and share his vision behind the magazine, the models were officially released to slay the catwalk!



The models were strutting in Mike’s vintage clothing line that will be coming out soon but until then, the outfits made you want to go backstage and try everything on! The way the pieces were put together made you rethink fashion and how you style your everyday outfits (at least that’s what happened to me.)

I also loved how women weren’t the only one’s modeling on the runway, men were also showing off the pieces! Mike’s vision is not only to show how beautiful photography is but how every individual is uniquely beautiful in their own way.

Infinite Magazine included more diversity in this one single night than I’ve seen in the last 3 years of blogging! 

Infinite Magazine had men, women, POC and a transgender woman! That speaks volumes and it only helps to set up a platform to see the beauty behind every individual.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Infinite Magazine; maybe some Lipstick and Vodka will be involved ??



Adios Borrachxs! ?


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