Inspire the Uninspired

Let’s just begin with an honest apology. Last month I disappeared on y’all. October rolled along and I just stopped posting, at first it was because it was my birthday month and I wanted to get everything situated before I headed out to Las Vegas for my birthday. I turned 21 and quickly celebrated in a BIG way.

Before I returned, I was plummeted with a scare that I could have never foreseen. My dad got very sick while we were out of the state celebrating my birthday. I immediately came back home worried about his health and I also returned home with school, exams, presentations, and projects just waiting for me. All of this on top of what had just happened with my dad. It took a toll, I became uninspired and lost myself. Even organizing my planner and getting that organized didn’t help. 
I want to apologize to you all who read my blog and waited for my post. I want to come back and in a big way, but I know right now I am not mentally prepared for that. I do want to say is that I will post at least twice a month, and I hope that is okay with you all. 
I want to get on a routine schedule and I need the inspiration. 
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I missed y’all so much,
and I hope I’ll be more present in the weeks to come!
xoxo, K

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