I bought this a few weeks ago when my skin was going crazy and blemishes wouldn’t seem to stop surprising me. I figured I had nothing to lose. I was impressed since day one, and you’ll see why 😉

So here I am posing with my mask hehe, but this was after I cleansed my face like usual. I put a good layer all over my face, avoiding the eye area, and waited 10 minutes (or until fully dry). The bottle reads “helps draw out deep rooted impurities and oil without over drying”

This is mid dry time. You can see that the mask is turning from a green slimy consistency to a light green, chalky feel. *DON’T MIND ANY ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT I GOT IT IN MY HAIR* 😀 

Here you can LITERALLY see my black heads being lifted out of my pores! Those dark spots on my nose and cheek are some blemishes that were coming in, but never saw the light of day 😀

Once dry, this is what the mask will look like. I like to take a face towel, run it through some warm water, and scrub the mask off. It leaves my skin smooth, and soft. After rinsing I will just pat dry and go on with my night time routine, as usual.
My skin after! 
I have seen my skin change dramatically in a GREAT way, since I started using some products for blemishes, including this one. 
I love this product. You can see it work in front of your eyes. I will continue using it and I believe I bought it for a little under $10 at Target, which is totally worth it!  If you see it , snatch it up and try it for yourself!!!
What products are you using for your blemishes?
Leave your answers down below. 🙂
xoxo, K

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