Jimador New Mix | Review

Weekends in Mexico have become a routine in my life. I’ve always loved Mexican culture, whether that be the hard work they embody, the humility people  in that country have or… let’s be honest, the way they can party! I love it all!

When I’m in Las Flores, I always find things that push me out of my normal routine, so trying new drinks is always a must! This past weekend I went to Las Flores with my sister and her boyfriend. Although, I was hungover, it was still fun because I got to eat as many tacos as I’d like and remember it all!

While walking around looking for more things to purchase I found this drink called New Mix, which I had seen on twitter but had never been able to find.

It’s basically a Paloma or Vampiro in a can!

When purchasing, they both came out to $2.50! I was blown away because that means each one was $1.25!

I know, I know, Mexico is already pretty inexpensive when it comes to drinking but hear me out! Sometimes I’ve gone out the night before and only have $20 to spend, I can probably get drunk off of two of these and that’s only $2.25 of my $20! just sayin’

My sister’s boyfriend preferred the Paloma over the vampiro, but I think he’s wrong! If you want to try these out I found them at Galeria’s in Las Flores but I’m sure you can find them in super markets that sell alcohol!

Try them out and if you already have let me know what you think! Are you switching to these instead of traditional cocktails?


-Adios Borrachxs!


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