Konfession Korner || THREE

I recently got into a heated discussion with a male friend, who will go unnamed, of course. This ‘discussion’ was over a sexual joke he seemed to direct towards me and I, quite frankly, did not find it amusing. I did not appreciate having someone tell me that if I touched his beard, he could commence an ass grab. (IT DOES NOT STOP THERE) He later proceeded to let me know, if there was more than just a mere beard touch, I would owe him ‘more’ insinuating that I would have to give him my goodies. When this bothered me, I quickly let him know. I tried to keep calm, and hopefully there was some misunderstanding, but what happened next was quite odd. 
He replied with “I thought you could take a joke” … Okay this got my face hot and my anger boiled! One, I do not find an unwelcomed sexual offer or any of what he said as joke, so no I can not take this joke you say you said! Second, He began to tell me I was overreacting. Believe me I tried to take a step back and try to handle this the right way without cussing someone out, but he continued to assure me ‘if it was any other man” this disrespect towards me would have been brushed off! 
Ladies, you all know I pride myself on not letting any man degrade me or make me feel less than, so I assured him, he was no one special! Since this conversation he has apologized multiple times and I have merely glanced and closed the discussion, but today I felt I should respond and let him know where he went wrong. Once I stated that I understood he did not mean to offend me, it was the reaction I received after that that really pushed me over the edge. He continued to act as if he did not understand what I found inappropriate, but once that subsided I allowed him to defend himself one last time, and ignored all else, but then he began to play victim. He somehow got our whole discussion mixed up and is now angry at me for some odd reason. 
At this point, I don’t care. If I found it in my heart to see passed through all this and you continue to fall victim, I will not tolerate it. You don’t need anyone who is unwilling to understand your point of view, and second I don’t need any sort of disrespect in my life, and I hope you rid of all your negative energy in yours as well.
I know some people who read my blog are younger than me, and I want you all to know that, as you get older, the drama you see now will still be there, but you have to make a choice to step out of the way and let someone else be in it. Also keep in mind that you should not be devalued by some man just because he thinks it is a joke, or its funny. No man or WOMAN can devalue you, you are worth so much and I hope you realize that! 
Love y’all, so much!!
xoxo, K

2 thoughts on “Konfession Korner || THREE

  1. What an ass. I think he is missing the part that the beard rules were created for amusement purposes, not as actual rules to live by. He is a disgrace to me and all bearded men, for disrespecting women.

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