Konfession Korner

This week it seems as if my teachers all allied together to make this week a living hell! 
Exams, projects, labs, homework and essays 
seemed to fill my schedule and not one teacher seemed to fail on giving me of one of the above.
The library was my home this week and the library clerks know me by name now. Oh the college life. I’m not saying it’s bad, but when your friends are having lunch and gossiping about that boy who cheated on so and so, it makes you wish you had some free time. 
I am the worst critic when it comes to myself.  A C+ is not good enough for me, ONLY IN HISTORY OF COURSE (its my worst subject), but other than that I will not allow anything below a B+. I’d usually strive for an A but, you see I’ve self diagnosed myself with an incurable case of procrastination, and it all began my first year in college. 
I went away to a University for 3 semesters, and although those 3 semesters consisted some of the best memories I have to date, there are few things that came with those memories. Other than the obvious weight gain I’ve stated before, my procrastination skyrocketed!  When I have 2 essays due and an exam to study for, I, now, wait until 3 days before everything is due! I use to be the girl who had everything done 2 days before and now, I don’t know where she is! Believe me, I’ve planned it, the studying, but it’s usually overlooked when it comes to events happening in the now! 
I mean of course I’d love to go get some sushi with friends instead of study for a science exam. Actually, I’d rather do anything other than study. 
What I’m trying to say is that being a college student is hard; I don’t mean the work itself, although it is, what I mean is that it’s hard trying to balance your personal life with school. I want y’all to know that as much as I post or don’t post per week it isn’t because I’m lacking content or motivation, I actually love telling you all about what I like or what’s in my fitness regimen, I lack once in a while because my school work has taken a toll and I can’t find my usual balance. I hope you all understand, and now I’ll be posting AT LEAST 10 posts per month, no matter what! So you will continue to get the same amount of info, whether it all be in one week or it be spaced evenly, you will have the same amount each month!
One of my sisters thought it’d be nice for me to let you all a little about me here and there, so I think once a month I will tell you all what’s new in my life rather than just health and beauty related. 
& yes I did pull a Kardashian and put K in front of everything, but I though it was cheesy and quite cute, so don’t judge me haha
I love y’all and I’m glad y’all are sticking around to catch up on my life and what I’m into at the moment!
Stick around and I’ll write to you all soon
xoxo, K

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