Magic Lumi Primer First Impression

Right off the bat the L’oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer is gorgeous! It has a pearly look to it, which gets me excited to see what comes next! & not to mention the packaging just already looks FANCY 😉

12:00 pm
You can already tell how dewy and glowy your skin looks. It gave me a glow I had never seen before. I went to the zoo today, so I figured it would be a great time to test it out!

 3:00 pm
Around this time I had made my way through most of the zoo and you can see that the glow that I had originally started with IS GONE. My make up is still intact which is great but that glow, which Magic Lumi is known for and advertises, is gone. so wahn wahn waaaaaahn. 

6:00 pm
I was in the car feeling sick after the zoo, but nonetheless, still got you all your pictures!
6 hours in, you can see that most of my make up is gone. GONE! You can see my blemishes on my cheeks, and the redness. 
Around this time my day was done, my make up is gone, so I will end this post at 6 pm. 
 I do love the dewiness of the primer, I could totally see myself using this when I’m going on a date or taking some photos. As for a daily primer, I will not use it. It was $10.99 at target and I don’t really think it was worth it. It didn’t last all day and it did not prevent my glasses from making an indention, WHICH RARELY HAPPENS, so I did not like. As for repurchasing, from this first impression, DEFINITELY NOT!
Please keep in mind these are my opinions, and if you do like it, that is your opinon. It just did not work for me.  
I hope this helped y’all out! Don’t forget to vote on my poll about what you want to see next! 
xoxo, K

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