My Experience with Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal and the amount of hair I have on my body has never been a secret on Lipstick and Vodka, you all know this but once I tried bikini waxing, being hairless became an obsession. I started waxing my underarms, my ass (LOL), my toes… The sessions were endless but I just kept thinking: I’m doing this with no end goal. I’ll continue my waxing sessions but my hair will never be gone. That’s when I decided maybe laser hair removal was my next stop to being soft as a babies butt.

I was a little hesitant because I had heard so many horror stories about laser hair removal. Dark spots, spending tons of money on sessions that never work, painful zapping; this scared the crap out of me but like always, me hice la atrevida and booked my appointment. I was nervous but excited because hair has always been my biggest insecurity, whether it be on my upper lip, underarms, bikini area and even my scalp because DANDRUFF.

After 4 sessions in, I am completely for laser hair removal.


Before my first session I was told to not wear any deodorant and shave at least 12 hours prior to my appointment so what did I do? Put deodorant before my session (don’t worry, I wiped it off) and I almost forgot to shave ?  Once I arrived at the spa I was given a sheet to fill out about tanning and medications to ensure that my session would go as smoothly as possible. Not using any deodorant and shaving at least 12 hours beforehand is necessary for each session to make sure they get right to the root of the hair and there are no barriers keeping the laser from reaching the root.


Once they’ve made sure all is in order, you must remove your top and place a white towel over yourself. I was given protective glasses so the laser would not cause any discomfort to my eyes. You sit on a chair where you’re practically laying down, hands over your head ready to get those suckers out, which may feel odd just showing off your pits but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do.


I’ve always said nothing is painless so I won’t lie and say that this procedure is painless but it is tolerable. They’ll even start off slow with low intensity and slowly increase the intensity as you continue your sessions. I’m not gonna lie, when the session begins it starts to smell a little funky, don’t worry, it’s just the smell of your hair burning off ?


My sessions were quite affordable ($55 per session) and they were absolutely amazing. I could see a difference after my first session. I was so accustomed to shaving every 2-3 days (if I decided to shave) but after my first session, I didn’t have to shave until about a week and a half after.

If you’re looking into laser hair removal, I highly recommend it. It has made my weekly shaving session so much quicker because now I just gotta shave my legs. It’s one less thing I have to worry about and now I’m always ready for sleeveless tops or being topless ? Are you now convinced laser hair removal is for you?


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