Natural Balance Skincare: All About Their Deep Hydrating Cleanse Facial

Anytime I receive a skincare service I always like to mention my battle with acne. I do this because I like for you all to know how I’ve been combatting and maintaining this. After having struggled with acne for years, I finally feel as if I have reached a balance. I went to Natural Balance in McAllen, TX to see how else I might aid in the maintenance of clear skin and obvi, I got the 411 for you all!

Natural Balance opened up back in March of 2015. Samantha Vera, the owner, and esthetician on hand wanted to help “people discover their ‘Natural Balance” whether it may be by massage therapy or facials.” She wanted to inform people about how making it a habit to take care of your body is very important. Samantha works with products that have natural ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, and also uses organic massage oils/creams in order to give us the most natural ingredients available in skincare.

So how does the spa treatment begin? 

Samantha had me fill out a questionnaire known as a client intake form. This is a small skin consultation that helps her understand what she’s working with in order to better serve your skincare needs. This is also helpful in targeting any allergies, skin concerns, skin conditions and an overall analyzation of your skin type. The one thing I really liked about this consultation was that she asked me questions about the everyday products I use and was able to let me know how these products were working or not working for me.

What kind of facial did you receive?

As I mentioned, I don’t have major skincare issues, other than normal ones such as I think my pores are too big and I’m breaking out due to my lady days, so I let Samantha know that I was only trying to maintain my skin. She recommended the Hydrating Deep cleanse facial. Samantha curated this facial for all skin types. Samantha recommends this facial to someone who has never received a facial before because it is relaxing and non-invasive.

I really enjoyed that I was using all my senses to experience this facial. Aromatherapy played a big part in this facial, although it was not the focus, it sure made me really enjoy it. The sense of these oils help by “creating a space where you can relax and unwind and smell the purity of essential oils”

What was the facial really like?

Samantha started with cleansing my skin by using Raspberry Cleanser ~using all five senses ~ she repeated this process TWICE to ensure that my skin was properly cleansed and ready for the next step.

She then began to exfoliate my skin with a strawberry enzyme. The strawberry enzyme removes dead skin cells which also plays a key role in my daily routine (That’s neither here nor there ;))

We have all seen those amethyst and jade rollers on every insta-bloggers feed but Samantha helped me understand how to use it. She used an amethyst roller for lymphatic drainage and product penetration because it does not soak up the product but aids in having your skin soak it in.

She then proceeded in what she calls a facial relaxation massage to further assist in the absorption of the product.

After the facial massage, she went and applied a light aloe Vera moisturizer, topping it off with the jelly mask to seal in that aloe Vera moisture. **Keep in mind, this is an ADD ON, I requested this because I have dry patches on my face during the summer and this would definitely help** The jelly mask is kept on for about 15 minutes where she will massage your shoulders, chest, and arms to enhance the relaxation.

Once she’s removed the jelly mask, she’ll finish with a lemongrass/mint toner, moisturizer, aromatherapy respirations, and SPF so you can continue with your day.

Who should get this service? 

Samantha recommended that this service be done on someone who has dry skin, although different skin types can benefit from this facial. I do want to mention that at Natural Balance, these services are catered to you and your needs, so maybe this exact facial isn’t for you, but Samantha will create something that is perfect for your skin type.

Since I suffer from acne, I had to ask… What about someone who has active acne?

Samantha let me know that “if you have medium to moderate active acne I would recommend doing an acne facial instead. An acne facial consists of extractions as well as a High-frequency machine which targets to reduce the swelling (after extractions) and kills acne-causing bacteria.”

So how often should someone get a facial done?

Getting this type of facial every 4-6 weeks is ideal but can change due to YOUR skin type and needs.  Samantha also mentioned that “facials are beneficial in delivering oxygen to your cells, and improve blood circulation. It’s a workout for your skin. Maintaining that glow is 80% at-home skincare and 20% with your esthetician. You will not see results if you’re not consistent at home every morning and night. And of course, using the proper products designated for your skin.”

What happens after this service?

Since this service is non-invasive you can go on about your day as usual.  You can even put your makeup on right after this facial but if you don’t have to Samantha recommends to let your skin “breathe.”

Natural Balance has tea for before or after your service to enjoy the ambience that is provided

Should my skincare regime change after the facial? 

“it depends. Everyone’s skincare routine is different.” Once the facial is complete Samantha will sit down with you and analyze your skincare regime, the products and share some tips with you about skincare. This may seem like a lot but Samantha ensures that her clients are welcome to message her for more information.

I left Natural Balance a little more knowledgeable, not only about my own skin but the products I’ve been using. I definitely removed some items out of the rotation for good, thanks to Natural Balance! What skin questions do you have?

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