Night Time Products

After long hours of make up wear I like to come home and strip down. I’ve had many skincare routines that end up not working for me or will only help my skin for a week before breaking out. Most of the products have been by my side for at least 6 months and I know they won’t fail me. 
Let’s get into it!

Make up wipes
I like using makeup wipes to begin my night time routine. It helps to break down my makeup before going in with my cleanser. I use the Equate Beauty Original Clean which I have spoken about plenty of times before. I use about two wipes; the first one is to get most of it off and the second one is to ensure that I am getting the most off of my face without spreading old make up around.

I am obsessed with GlamGlow’s Mud to Foam cleanser. It deep cleans my pores while not being too harsh. I use one pump straight onto my face then I will massage it until my face is fully covered, avoiding my eye area. I’ll then apply a little water into my hand and start to mix the product that is on my face with the water until it is a smooth lather, after just rinse off and pat dry.

Eye Makeup Remover
I don’t like to add my cleanser to my eye area since it is a thick consistency and I don’t want to rub too hard around my eyes. I’ll use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, preferably the one for waterproof makeup because I use waterproof mascara all the time. I soak a cotton ball with the micellar water and place it onto my eyelids for a few seconds and then wipe away any leftover makeup that the makeup wipes did not get. 

Skin Care
My dynamic duo! Super lame but these babies save my face. I’ve spoken about Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Serum many many times but let’s do this again. After I’ve removed all of my makeup I like to target any blemish I have, so I will start by applying Clean and Clear’s Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. I apply this directly onto any blemish, big or small. Once applied I will let it dry for about 3 minutes then come back and apply one pump of Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Serum all over my face and allow that to dry before heading to bed. 
This has become my lovely night time routine and has really helped my crazy breakouts during that time of the month. My skin usually soaks up anything that is put on it and I usually break out after day trying a new product; these products have never given me any problems whatsoever.
Let me know what your skin products you’re using.
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