Night Time Skin Care

1. Purity made simple: $11.00 – $52.00
This product should be in everyone’s skin care routine! It gets rid of everything, & it is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. I love that is doesn’t have a scent so you can already tell it is gentle. You need to pick this up ASAP! I use this every night to take my make up and just to wash up after a day out. 
2. Neutrogena oil-free eye make up remover: $5.99-$6.99
This baby takes the toughest mascaras off! It does burn my eyes though, so I am currently looking for a new eye make up remover, but it really works! It gets me ready to cleanse my face without trying to scrub off my mascara. I use this most nights (I won’t lie, I tend to forget) I use this before cleansing my face, just to get all my eye make up off instead of washing my face twice, trying to get everything under my eyes.
3. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub: $5.99 
This & my purity made simple cleanser are my everything! It will never leave my skin care routine. It exfoliates my skin without the harsh scratch, plus it smells good!  I use this, 2-5x a week. I’ll use this 5 times a week when I am breaking out and I really want that sucker gone! Other than that, I will use this twice a week just to rejuvenate my face.
4. Benefit Total Moisture: $42.00 
That price up there is for the big jar, but I have a mini sample. I got this during the holidays when it came in a trio I believe. I just want y’all to know a little goes a long way so I know that $42 jar will not budge for a while! I use this after cleansing my face, most nights, when I feel that I need the moisture, since I tend to be oily most days.
5. Chap Stick: $.99
These are the cheapest, yet best lip products ever! It moisturizes my lips perfectly! I use this every night after washing my face as well as before I begin my make up routine to prep my lips for my lippy of the day 🙂
6. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: $22.50
This baby is P R I C E Y! I mean for a little jar but it will last forever. I love the lip products from Fresh, they are so hydrating and they really help your lips. What I love the most about this lip scrub is that it smells like TAMARINDO. This is a mexican candy and it is delicious! lol So I have no complaints about the scent. I use this 1-2x a week, just depending on how the weather is treating my lips. 
I hope you all enjoyed reading about my night time routine! Don’t be afraid to leave your suggestions down below, for videos or things I should try out! Let me know what you think, and follow my instagram and twitter; info is in the sidebar!
xoxo, K

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