Outfit of the Day: Thanksgiving

To be honest, my everyday outfit is usually a tshirt, some jeans and chanclas. It’s not because I don’t love me some fashion, it’s just picking a tshirt, jeans and chanclas are easier to do. I’ve been so inspired lately, I just want to be dressed up all the time and holidays are the perfect time to showcase that.

Dressing up for the holidays, to only stay in la sala, is what my family and I do best. This year was no exception.
So what did I wear? 
I wore black leggings, which are a staple in my “going out” outfits. They have ribbing along the knees which is a small detail but that’s what caught my eye. I bought these at Forever 21 about a year ago and I never looked back since.
I paired them with a loose, burnt orange blouse which hid that food baby ? it’s thanksgiving, we knew it was coming. This burnt orange top, I also bought at Forever 21.
Can we talk about this black coat I’m wearing? It’s from GiBoss and I’m obsessed with it! Let’s be real, I live in Texas, so I’ll eventually die from heat stroke wearing this baby but I NEED it. It keeps you warm but I love how stylish it makes any outfit look.
I paired this outfit with a statement necklace I bought at Burlington Coat Factory  (We do affordable here, duh ?).
The booties, which I love, are from Charlotte Russe.  They’re a nude tone which pairs great with any outfit, and that’s why they’re my Go To booties.
What was your Thanksgiving outfit?
Xoxo, K

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