Outfit of the Day || Wedding Edition

I’ve been raving on and on about my sister’s wedding for the past year and last Saturday it finally happened. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of love and happiness. On top of all the excitement I was so happy to get dressed up in a beautiful dress and look glamorous for the evening. For my local audience I decided to let you all know where I went to get glam for the wedding of the year.

Makeup Artist: Jennifer Garcia
I definitely loved my makeup! I had never gotten my makeup done with Jen but she made me feel at ease, especially since the only makeup artist that had touched my face in the last 6 years was my sister. 
 Jen was very sweet and attentive when I constantly told her about my skin problems. Jen was amazing at her job and needless to say the makeup look was amazing. 
I could not have been any happier with the outcome of the whole look.
You all know I suffer from thick brows, and naturally they are a blessing, but they are a lot of upkeep. I had gone to Melissa a few times and always loved how she gave my brows a shape and was very consistent with her skill, which is hard to come by. I searched for her for months since she had recently moved to a new location (which very few people knew, which made the search difficult). I finally reached her and was able to book my appointment for the next day. I’m so happy to say my brows will be in pristine condition from now on.
Poncho does my nails almost every time! Whenever I get acrylics, he’s my main. I love how experienced he is in the super glamorous nail looks I’m into. Unfortunately I decided to go with a rather subtle nail look this time around so you won’t be seeing his full potential in this post but his work will last forever! 
Dress: Prestige Formal Wear
1902 S Main St
McAllen, Texas 78503
Phone: (956) 661-1023

Thinking about how I wanted my hair for the wedding I always imagined it to be an updo but could never pinpoint it. The night before, my sister (the bride) and I suddenly came up with an updo we both agreed on. The problem? We didn’t have an exact photo of what we were looking for but nevertheless Mayre was able to do my hair exactly like I imagined. The most important thing of this hairstyle was that I wanted it to look loose but at the same time stay secure since I have a lot of hair. Apparently this was no challenge for her because my hair came out exactly as I had wanted. 
I loved every bit of that day, it was truly amazing, and everyone who helped put it together really made it special. I want to thank everyone who helped me look this fabulous. It all came together so beautifully.
For those of you who want to go to anyone who I mentioned above, please let them know Karla Leal sent you over. I’d appreciate it. 
I really hope y’all enjoyed this. I loved it all so much I just had to share.
Love y’all
xoxo, K.

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