Piece of the Week: Blue Velvet Heels

I’m not a fashion expert. Shit, if you look at what I wear, I wouldn’t even call it fashion. It’s like comfortable chic if we really had to label it. Comfortability is my main priority and the concept of “fashion” falls somewhere behind, but as someone who is constantly meeting new people and going to events, I have to step my look up a notch. That means heels, hair curled or straightened, and lashes on over the glitter lid. I’m always looking for cute but comfy shoes and I have finally found the one!

Velvet Love It or Hate It?

Since my birthday 2015, velvet is something I’m constantly drawn to but it’s a little too “bold” for me but once in a while, I’ll step out of my comfort zone. These blue velvet heels caught my attention down the Burlington shoe aisles. Yes, you read that right. I’m not paying full price for an item that I will get rid of in a few months. The velvet was what drew me in but the heel height is what made me spend those $35.


I mentioned how being comfortable is my top priority so a 4-inch heel didn’t seem too bad. It also makes any style of pant look good. The ankle strap is something I usually go for because my chubby feet can’t seem to stay in some slip-in heels. The twisted detail in the front is also not uncomfortable like you’d imagine. I didn’t have to do the whole two-day-break-in method to get my toes to fit in.



These shoes give me such 90’s vibes I  can’t help but love them. As a 90’s baby, I reminisce about teen rom-com movies and feel like I’m the main character with my chunky heels.

If you’re anything like me, short chunky heels are your safe haven when it comes to heels because wedges? Been there, done that and to be totally honest, they’re not always cute. I made this mistake over and over again and 2017 Karla isn’t proud.




I don’t like to show leg unless I’m fully naked in a bed or it’s 90+ degrees outside so that means I style them with some type of pant. Ripped jeans are my usual but a nice black soft pant is also something I style my chunky heel with. I’ve been loving the monochrome thing lately and this week, that’s exactly the path I chose when I wore these velvety heels.

Denim tank with distressed jeans and my handy dandy blue velvet heels really made me turn some heads. I remember thinking I was going to get ojo because everyone was staring at me as I stood in line to get my wings at Wingstop ( stop judging my eating habits!) but I’m fine nadien me quiso after all.



What are your favorite shoes that you can’t stop wearing?







-Adios Borrachxs! ?

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One thought on “Piece of the Week: Blue Velvet Heels

  1. I’m the same way when it comes to shoes and statement pieces! I always second guess buying them but those shoes are awesome! I saw a pair of booties the other day at the store that were this similar blue velvet. So gorgeous!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

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