Piece of the Week: Bronzer Palette

We missed Wasted Wednesday but that’s ok because do we really need a reason to get tipsy? ?

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the whole sun kissed look. Muted tones and nude lips have taken over my daily look. Let’s give thanks to Kim K and Patrick Starrr??????. Patrick created a nude look on Kim and it had me shook! I was instantly in love with it so I had to do it too (every day)

I got my hands on a bronzer palette in order to not only recreate the look but to match my off tone foundation to my neck ? (Don’t judge me! I’m sure you’ve done it too.)

I’ll tell you the truth, I stole this Morphe Bronzer Palette from my sister’s makeup stash and she hasn’t noticed so *Hi Marie!*

When I first got it, I’ll admit, I hated it. I thought the undertones of each bronzer was off and didn’t look great on me.  After trial and error though, I’ve found the perfect way to apply it and it does not look like I just scraped some mud onto my face and walked out of the house.

The key? Grab a big fluffy brush *peep the photo*, dab it once into the bronzer and begin your normal application.

After going on vacation to New York and hopping on a cruise ship the next week, I came back all sorts of brown and this bronzer was the only thing that could save me from buying more foundation.

The palette has 9 different shades creating a diverse selection (not diverse enough for my darker skinned girls though?)

I would recommend it for my makeup artists out there because it gives you plenty to work with for your clients. *This is probably why my sister bought it.*

If you have a favorite bronzer that you think I should try, I’d love to know about it! I’m always looking for something to make me a little toasty and whole lot cuter ?


Adios Borrachxs! ?

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