Piece of the Week: Daiquiri

It’s Wasted Wednesday again so drinks all around, please!!

I’m constantly going out looking for the next best cocktail whenever I decide to leave my house and last night was a rare occasion! I stepped outside my home for a “foodie tasting” at Craft House Table and Bar with Esmeralda from QueComerRGV. She invited me and two other local bloggers for some food and driiiiinks!

I got out of my comfort zone and had a daiquiri (as an alcoholic, I will honestly say I

 didn’t know what the fuck that was ?) I usually never know what I’m ordering when I get a cocktail but I go with my gut and this baby was calling my name for some reason.

The daiquiri honestly caught my eye because I assumed it would be a Strawberry Daiquiri but I was wrong but I’m so glad I was…

It was so good and it totally brought back childhood memories. No! I wasn’t drinking daiquiris as a borrachita, it reminded me of a bolis that I would split with my sisters as a kid.

So what the heck was a daiquiri after all? This baby had rum, lime, and turbinado syrup. That’s it! I know this is totally DIY status because the ingredients are minimal but I swear this was oh so good!


I had two… maybe three of these and you couldn’t taste the rum but in the middle of round two, Karla was a little borracha ?

We obviously had food and talked a whole lot but I was there for the drinks (lesbehonest) They didn’t disappoint!

If you’ve been to Craft House, what’s your favorite drink? and if you haven’t been what’s a drink I HAVE to try at your favorite bar?

Adios Borrachas! ?






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16 thoughts on “Piece of the Week: Daiquiri

    1. haha, thanks! My friend actually made it up and it’s stuck between our group of friends so it was only right to let the world know lol

    1. OMG! I’m always hesitant to try jalapeño drinks because I’m always afraid they’ll make mine with a very spicy jalapeño lol

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