Piece of the Week: Daniel

Are we drunk in love with Daniel yet? 

Daniel, who I personally call “Meave”, is a DJ who started creating amazingness in 2012 and has steadily been working on building his name. He’s mixed at local clubs and also created The Happy Hour Podcast intro (Thank you Meave!)

So enough background check! Let’s get to the goods on this single 22-year-old babe ?


“Single trying to fuck.” he laughs then takes it back and says “single” but we know what he really meant…


Daniel is single at the moment, after a long-term relationship and is not looking… so he’s just gettin’ low ? but if you’re still trying to win his heart (or his body) what he’s looking for is “a girl that is really ambitious” and someone who he can go and get a Jack and coke with on the weekends.


Regrets are a part of life but Daniel thinks wasting time is his biggest one yet. “There is a bunch of distractions in life and they keep you from doing the things you want to do. When I was 17 I had a vivid dream that I wanted to pursue but when I hit 20, nothing was happening for me and it was because I wasn’t focused and I wasted those years.”


“In high school, I skipped class with some buddies of mine but they didn’t believe I would drive over the barricade to get off of campus, so what did I do? I went over the curve and passed the security guard!” Am I the only one who loves me a rebellious side to a man?


We’re not afraid of some kinkiness on Lipstick and Vodka and neither is Daniel. The kinkiest thing anyone has ever done to him is “getting dressed up very sexy in lingerie and tying [him] up to the bed in handcuffs.” Can we sign up for this kind of treatment too? ?


“One time my next door neighbor tagged me in a comment on her very first picture on Instagram and it said something like ‘hey Daniel if you can please call me, it’s really important,’ so I gave her a call. Long story short, she tells me about her marriage problems, how her life is, and what it’s like having a kid now, problems on top of problems and at the end of the conversation ask if we can fuck. Two days later we get a hotel room and it was just this sensational feeling of sleeping with another man’s wife. It was unbelievable! I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, the intensity was reaching its peak… next thing I know bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz… My phone begins ringing… It was her husband calling my phone… We get our things together and wished for the best. I opened the door looked right, clear!

I started walking into the hallway, turned left, OH SHIT… Both the husband and my girlfriend are walking my way. This all seemed like a really bad nightmare but it was all real!

I’m just surprised he didn’t kick my ass that night or any other time after that!”


This week’s fine piece is daring and willing to risk it all ??

What do you want to see next?

Adios Borrachxs! ?

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