Piece of the Week: Enhanced Oral Vibe and Flavored Condoms

I hope everyone’s holidays have been going well and we’re getting to really let our loved ones know how thankful we are to have them. I like to show my man my thanks in a very particular way and with the help of Adam & Eve I was able to try something different on him.

I walked into Adam and Eve not knowing what to purchase but I went in with an open mind. I mean, it never hurts to try something new every now and then, so I got two cool items: The first thing we used was an “Enhanced Oral Vibe” by Surenda.

Surenda – Enhanced Oral Vibe


So it’s basically a U-shaped vibrator that hooks onto the side of your mouth and vibrates while you’re THANKING him ? Its silicone texture is very smooth and gentle on the skin which is a plus for him.

We tried the Oral Vibe and at first, it was awkward because now that you are down there there’s something new there too.

SURPRISE it vibrates lol.


It wasn’t uncomfortable or painful to wear but it did prevent me from being able to do most of my job down there. On a particle level, I would probably not use it for blowjob purposes again but I am interested in seeing if there’s a different way we can probably make use of it.




The second little gift we received was flavored condoms!! I’m going to be totally honest and say I am DEFINITELY not in any way, shape or form ready to procreate, so when it comes to safe sex and ways to prevent the unwanted magical event aka the procreation we just discussed, I’m so down to try!! My partner and I are not always so conscious when it comes to lovemaking but we are avid users of the pull-out method.

I understand how ineffective and unreliable this method is, we do try using condoms every chance we can. For many people that may not know, when you practice safe sex that also includes oral sex. You’re probably wondering “what do you mean safe oral?” Well, safe oral sex is when you are performing the act of oral sex while the male is wearing a condom. Yes, that’s where flavored condoms come in handy!!


This product is very practical and perfect for what it is intended for. The flavors were spot on. I tried the variety pack by Endurance and it came in three flavors. There was spearmint (MY FAV), strawberry and vanilla. The one thing I wish I could change is the sizing because they were too small for my partner (??) There was no sizing on the packing so it wasn’t S, M, L, it was kind of a one size fits all, which ladies, we all know is not realistic! I’M TALKING TO YOU FOREVER 21 SWEATERS!

Finding ways to spice up your sex life is always fun and full of trial and errors but you can’t knock it ’til you try it. If you have questions about how the products work you can leave your questions down below or visit an Adam & Eve store in your area, it won’t hurt to try!





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