Piece of the Week: Fringe Earrings

It’s Friday! That means drinks and non-stop dancing!

When going out you usually want to make a statement. That can be with your outfit, your hair, and makeup, GIRL even the way you walk can make a statement, but this time I chose to use my accessories as statement pieces. This week? Dangling fringe earrings.

Dangling earrings aren’t my typical accessory choice because I can’t deal with anything touching me around my neck so studs are my best friends but these babies caught my attention.

I was invited to a Social Media (SoMe) Influencer Brunch a few weeks ago which allowed us to set up potential collabs and meet people in the SoMe world. There also was amazing food and awesome vendors; one of those vendors was Shop Style by Ale, and no this is NOT a sponsored post, I truly love these earrings!

These black fringe earrings caught my eye the moment I stopped at her table. I loved the bling and the neutrality of the color, I felt like it was subtle enough that it could get lost in my hair but the gems brought enough attention that you knew Lipstick and Vodka had arrived.

I can’t stop obsessing over this piece. I always thought you had to wear dangling earring when you had a slick back pony because how is anyone going to find your earrings behind tons of hair! But there is a way! They’re so stunning that anyone can spot them through my chaotic lion mane but it doesn’t cause a traffic accident. You get me?


I’ve worn mine non-stop since I bought them and I always receive compliments when I wear them. I just had to let everyone know how in love I am with these. If you can get your hands on these earrings or can find something similar, I, 100 percent, encourage you to buy them!

Next step in testing these babies out: Take them out for a night out

I have to see how they hold up against all the drinking, sweating, men meetings and dancing that takes place on the weekends!

What’s your favorite earring style? Show me yours!









Adios Borrachxs! ?


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