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Most of y’all know, my planner is “bae”. I hold this baby near and dear to my heart, it saves me on crazy weeks of school, on first dates so I can remember to shave in advance, and it also gives me an excuse to relax at least once a week.
I’ll be showing you today how I go in and decorate my planner each week.

Before we get started, let me tell you which planner I’m using today. 
I’m using The Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas
I love this due to the layout, but we can totally get into that in a whole different post. 
Here you can see I have tiny page flags that have important dates on them, I use them to plan in advance but still have the flexibility to decorate. 
These are the main tools I’ll be using today. 
I got the sticker kit by A Heart Felt Life 
I also bought the paper, washi tape, and glue dot roller at michaels.
The scissors are from target dollar spot.

Finally getting to the decorating.
The first thing I do is cover up the dates. I like writing in my own days just so it can go with my theme that week. 
here I cut the paper to size and glued it down.

After gluing the paper down I went in with A Heart Felt Life’s Peppermint Bubble Stitched stickers and added one on top of each day. This is to include the dates on top.

After that I took my thin washi tape and used it to cover up “morning, afternoon, evening” headers because I split my boxes up a little different. 
I separate them into “school, life, blog”. 

I went in and wrote the dates on each bubble sitcker. 
When I’m decorating my planner I like to use my Sharpie pen in Black because it’s bold and it makes it look clean. 

The next set of stickers are from LillyTop
I use these all the time to remind me to study, homework that is due, exams, and basically any other school related stuff. 

At this moment I still haven’t written in my to dos. I do this because I like to continuously add stickers as I go, so I leave the writing until the end when I have found every sticker applicable for any occasion.
What I ended up doing was adding any full box stickers, my “weekend” sticker, my “plan” sticker, and my check box stickers. 
*The stickers I mentioned came with the first sticker set I spoke about in the beginning of the post.
Now I’m taking stickers, again, from LillyTop and adding them to my planner. These stickers are stickers I use on a weekly basis because I meal prep and weigh myself weekly.

Now I get to write in the planner!
Once the stickers are all in place I go in and write in what I had on my page flags, as well as writing in my weekly to do’s. 
For example: I wrote in zumba and lift because I do this every week, as well as my club meetings. 
I also like to add quotes on the upper left corner of the week just to add a dash of motivation throughout the week. 
*Also totally forgot to get detailed pics of the second washi.
I just used this to border the bottom of the page.

This was a very simple week. Some weeks will have more decoration but for the most part my routine never changes. 
If you’d like to see more planner post go ahead and let me know what you’d like to see! 🙂
Have fun planning loves!
xoxo, K

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