Planner Tips || Back to School Edition

I don’t know who is more excited about school than I am! Once it’s back to school season my days seem to be filled with even more to do lists, activities, events, etc. I honestly don’t know how I’d even stay organized with all this chaos thrown at me without these quick tips.

I like to include my class schedule for the first week or two of the school semester. I do this to remember the times I will not be available, and also the first week or so you are completely lost and need a quick reference to look to. 

Syllabi are given for a reason. They are meant to not only outline the grading criteria, but also help when studying for major exams, labs, projects, and essays. After going to each of my classes and I have received the syllabus for each class, I sit down and write down the assignments that are due on the day that they are due. 

>> PAGE FLAGS: When I’m going through my syllabi I use page flags to write the assignments on the day they are due. Do this because some teachers tend to mix up the original outline due personal reasons or how each class is understand the material given. These page flags will save you the time of using white out or erasing. Just pick up and stick on correct date.
>>STICKY NOTES: Sticky notes will be your best friend. They not only help with studying and material but they also help with major events that cannot be missed. They can also be used as reminders a week in advance. For example: 
Studying for an exam. You would need to know 
that in advance incase you might want to make plans.

Color coding is probably the most common thing when it comes to organizing. You know those page flags I mentioned earlier? Well once your teacher has given you the correct date & details about one of the major events you put on a page flag you can now go ahead and remove it and place in a label. (Of course you don’t need to do this, you can just keep or glue the page flags. I change to labels to make my planner look cleaner. ) 
Once each class is assigned a color, you can have a key. I use a note card stick the labels on with the name of the class that is assigned. This will make it accesable to me in my planner and now I have a quick reference.

*Pro Tip: After week one of being in class you’ll be able to dictate which class has more work than the rest. Use the color with the most labels for that class. (Example: Science class or Literature class)
This is what the week will look like once everything is used. 
Of course this does not include my usual weekly decore because I just wanted to show you what it looks like with only the tips applied.
This is how I use my notecard within my week. 
Thank you for reading. Please let me know if you have questions!
xoxo, K

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