Plastic Surgery, WTF?!

As social media becomes a bigger part of our lives, our societal beauty standards become impossible to achieve… naturally I mean. Most of us can’t seem to get on our Instagram feed without being bombarded with beautiful, photoshopped, fitness models or influencers.

It’s as if where ever we turn we’re faced with these smoothed out thighs, face tuned skin, and enhanced assets that no one can achieve naturally, not even the women displaying them. When did unproportionate asses and two-sizes-too-big breasts become the norm?

I’d hate to think that these at-the-moment beauty trends are what will influence the generations to come. The generation after us will begin to think they will never be good enough with their natural self and will become numb to the idea of plastic surgery. Can we say the “Uglies” isn’t too far off?

This conversation has come up recently within my family. My sister has longed for a flat tummy and a bigger butt for years. My mother has yet to dismiss this “want”. She has not told her that her body is perfect and if a change is what she wants to see, maybe the gym would be a good start?

Don’t get me wrong, my sister is not fat nor too big for the standard, but she would like to be toned out and a little slimmer, but my question here is what example are you setting for the younger generation? What example are you setting for your children?

I’m currently going through the biggest health kick I’ve ever gone through and I have come to terms that changes like this can happen if I set my mind to it, instead of paying thousands of dollars to a doctor.

Let me be clear,  I’m not talking about plastic surgery that is needed such as a nose job for nasal problems, I’m talking about breast implants and liposuction and anything that isn’t needed so your body can function properly.


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