Saba 60 Update: THREE

So I decided I would post for today, only because I’ve been a little off on my whole time management and have also been bumming it. 
So what has my week looked like so far? 
I worked out 4 times this week, I missed a day because I was feeling very sick! I could barely move so I felt like my body was telling me to quit it! My meal prepping happened & I followed it 90% (yes there are times when I want a candy or so, & I don’t deprive my body of it) I try my hardest to give my body what it needs, but sometimes it craves things & I usually give in. 
During my work out I was giving it my all, and I could really feel my fat burning off my body haha! When I weighed in I went down about a pound, but when trying on clothes I knew inches had gone away with that pound! Some black shorts I bought about a month ago and  I actually wore 2 weeks ago, didn’t fit me the same any more.A month ago they were very snug on my thighs and they looked like I would be needing a bigger size some time soon, either way I bought them in hopes I would be able to rock them! 2 weeks ago I wore them and the waist was loose and around my thighs they weren’t as snug, but were still a little snug. Saturday (today is Monday) I wore them and boom! Loose on the thunder thighs & loose on the waist! Bam! I was feelin’ myself *Insert emoji hair flip girl here* 
That really boosted my self-esteem, but as this week has rolled in I have found myself lacking motivation. I want to eat everything and IDGAF, but in my head I keep thinking ‘you shouldn’t be doing this’ I don’t know where I should be on this journey and I feel as if no one understands how difficult this is. I never imagined this journey to be so hard, I feel like no one understands because everyone is on a whole different step and I don’t know who to go to. 
So where do I see myself this week? I want to start incorporating some running into my week, as well as keeping my zumba schedule. I also want to continue my meal plans and be proud of myself.

If you want to join me along for the ride & get a hold of this program I am apart of
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Starting Weight: 206
Current Weight: 195.6
Total Pounds Loss to Date: 10.4
So until next week babes! Love ya!
xoxo, K

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