School Life Savers

I’m sure everyone has their emergency kit and I know you can find a list of that all over the internet, but what about the items you should pack on the daily basis? 
I grabbed the items I always have in my backpack and let you know the importance of these items. Okay sure they’re not items you can’t live without but most of the time you’ll need at least 3, if not all, of these items on a daily basis. SO LET’S BEGIN!

1. Charger: In our day and age technology has taken over our lives. #NoShame In order to keep up with out technology obsession you must always carry your charger for you phone. ALWAYS. I know I’m not the only one who carries it in her backpack, this is a must because you definitely need your phone on 100% when you’re swiping right on that tinder hottie *hair flip emoji*
2. SNACKS: food. honestly is there more you need? Okay besides the fact that we will die of starvation, snacks on campus seem to get very expensive. I remember at my old university I spend $1.98 USD for the Maruchan Ramen, that I can normally buy at Walmart for less than a dollar. You may ask why didn’t I just go to Walmart? Well usually when I needed it I never had time to make a 15 minute drive, 5 minutes to go in and get it, 15 more minutes to drive to my dorm, and 5 to cook them. So always carry quick and simple snacks for when you are hungry.
3. Mints: This goes back to snacking. You do not want your breath all stinky and gross during the day. Especially when you’re walking around and meeting new people. I’m learning a lot about first impressions in my Intro to Communications class, and if you don’t already know this here you go, first impressions mean a lot! So make the best of them.
4. Hand Sanitizer: You never really know how precious hand sanitizer is until you actually need it and no one is there to save you. What if you let out the ickiest sneeze ever and now you have all that spit in your hands? HAND SANITIZER. What if you are about to eat but the restrooms are out of order? HAND SANITIZER. Now you see the importance huh?
5. Tampons/ Pads: This is a no brainer I’m sure. Always keep extras in your bag just incase you start during the day or you accidently forgot to pack some up that morning. If they’re always in your backpack you’ll never forget!
6. Lipstick: This may not be completely necessary but if you’re anything like me, you get irritated by starting at your bare lips. I honestly don’t care if it’s just chapstick that’s on my lips, I hate seeing them all dry looking. I recommended always carrying a nude because it’ll be something that goes well with every outfit you have without trying to switch it out every day.
7. Hair tie: Don’t you hate when you walked out of the house, hair was flawless, and then the wind , heat, and humidity change your mind about your hair for the day? Well always keep a hair tie in your backpack for those days you just can’t deal with your hair down your neck, or in case you workout šŸ˜‰
8. Glass Cleaner: Okay this is obviously for my babes who have glasses, but you never realize how necessary this is until you get brand new glasses. I take these around in order to stop using my cotton tshirts to clean my glasses because cottons tends to scratch your glasses and will potentially harm your vision in the long run. 
So that’s all I recommend carrying with you on a daily basis for school. These are just my preferences. Please let me know what you always carry with you, or do you carry the same items as I do?
xoxo, K

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