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This weekend I was able to finally make it out to Suerte’s new location. If you’re from the Valley you have to know about Suerte! Suerte is a Mexican and loteria themed bar that is located on 17th street in Mcallen but recently their second location opened its doors: Suerte Uptown!

I was excited for this location because sometimes you want to enjoy Suerte without the downtown McAllen vibes and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Suerte Uptown had the same vibes and feel as our beloved old school location but there were some key differences.

The first thing I noticed when walking in was the crowd. Suerte is so well known in their original location so crowds are not new, but this crowd was different. I arrived at 10pm and stayed until 1:30am and this crowd never eased up! Constant flow of people walked through that door which means, if you’re going to be there a while, snag a table the moment you can!

I also noticed that the vibes are not as “chill” as their original location. The music was louder and it seemed like I had to scream a little louder to be heard. This is not a problem for me and I actually loved it. I love having the music fully surround me and at this new location, that’s what the music did.

You’re probably wondering “WHAT ABOUT THE DRINKS!?” Do not worry, their drink menu has not changed! You can still get your favorite Suerte originals at this location and if you’re wondering what my favorite Suerte drink(s) is let me tell you!

  • El Borracho: duh! This is the drink you get when you’re trying to forget. It is the strongest drink on their menu and it is hugeeee!
  • La Maceta: Their take on a mangonada! Who doesn’t love Mangonadas? Chamoy and chili powder is involved!
  • La Palma: Another “duh!” The Palma has a tropical feel with all the juices and coconut rum and (my favorite part) it is garnished with a slice of pineapple!
  • Spiked Agua Fresca de Horchata: Bitch what?! Yes spiked horchata with Hennessy! I just tried it at their uptown location and I was not disappointed. Try it!

I want to hear your thoughts on the new location. Comment down below or reach out on all my social media platforms.


Adios Borrachxs! ?

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