As you have noticed I adore me some Ulta. I love it because it has best of both worlds: high end and drugstore make up!
So here are the items I bought!


Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: $9.99
I’ve been using these babies for years! They are great for those deep black heads that don’t want to go away! I use these maybe a few times a month, especially after a night that I had really heavy makeup just to get everything out!
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague: $5.99
This is a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS pink berry color! & I think I found a new fave! These are very pigmented and last quite a while. 

NYX Intense Butter Gloss: $6.00
Left is in Funnel Delight and Right is in Berry Strudel. 
Let me tell you these babies DO NOT lie! They are intense. These swatches are just ONE layer! Funnel Delight is a bright pink that I believe will look great on ANY skin tone & Berry Strudel looks just like Heroine from MAC but with glossy finish! It is PERFECT! 

L’Oreal Total Repair Damage-Erasing Balm: $5.99
I’ve never used this, but it is supposed to help with split ends, strength, texture, shine and hydrating my hair. Let’s see how this goes!
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: $5.99
I have not used this but from what I can tell is that the material of the sponge is very dense. A lot of people say it is just as good as the beauty blender, if not better. I guess we’ll find out! 😉

Anti-Blemish Serum: $7.99
Well I’ve been breaking out quite a bit, I don’t know if it is due to stress or because I have been changing my diet or something that has nothing to do with either! What ever it is, I know I have to fix it. The box says I will have “visibly healthier clearer skin in just four weeks” and you are supposed to apply it after you have cleaned your skin and before your moisturizer. I can’t wait to try it tonight! 🙂
YES TO coconut Polishing body scrub: $7.99
I apologize for not having a picture, it just would not upload, but it smells like the beach! Coming from a place that the beach isn’t too far, it smells just like home minus the tortillas 🙂 
(Sorry Mexican Joke) …
I hope you like seeing what I bought today! If you have tried any of these, let me know what you think about it! Alright until next time babies!
xoxo, K

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